Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things on the Hard Drive of my brain. Scan one.

Why does the interest to study goes away when the exams approach.
And why the question paper has to be "ratta" (by heart) based.

Top rankers of previous year and even this year asked me to study for around 14 hours at one go for the exams. I happen to study for 45 minutes .. maximum at one go. That too when I am not horny.
They even suggested me to pen down every thing from the Preface to the book's index of every subject. Ofcourse he was bloody exaggerating. But seriously, Double You Tee Eff!
How in this world they study so long....! Are they under some spell!?

Why do relatives have to interfere with my academics saying things like "At least get 60% or we will not be able to show our face to the world"...

Why do some (most) girls I encounter are filled with weird attitude...
Or is it that they misunderstand attitude .. with being.. rude?

Why don't people listen?

Why isn't the sex ratio of this world equal...

Searching... Hard disk failure.. will regain search after a short break.. stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

(Exactly why I had the time to go through this)

Second: Stupid geeks.

Third: I wish we had an option of 'No relatives'. :P

Fourth: We're not always rude :)

Fifth: I have no idea!

Sixth: Sucks.

Seventh: Staying tuned...


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