Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Recreating beauty... Impossible.

I saw a picture of some girl... well she sent it to me. Not a complete picture, just her mesmerizing eyes-- made me rethink about "drawing " which I had left like some half a decade back.

Nope, I wasn't any good at it at all..

With this picture at hand I tried to "draw' for the first time after these many years (am trying to tell you that I am a n00b at drawing and hence appreciate my efforts.)

Well while drawing a part of her pic i.e eyes and around..  it was indefinitely difficult. 
Shiviring hands, hunger surges, itchy eyes, unwanted erections etc were some stuff I went through while drawing them.. (I am not using the term sketching.. I don't want to offend the baap people in that field)

Summing it up.. I had a hard time recreating the original... and in the end I did it miserably.. sorry for that.. but my point is, if you have been blessed with the external beauty and if some ugly retard like me "appreciates" it please dont say "I dont want to be known for 'THIS' " or may be .. for example :
ME : " hey you are beautiful"
Beautiful girl : " Yes I know"

Why not say a "thank you " instead :|
Some say "fuck off".. I will take that as a thank you too..

Beauty comes naturally, you haven't done anything for that.. so all the "lucky miss-ies"
Go out.. get admired by the ugly-ies .. by souls like moi... it makes our day (and sometimes night)..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Chatting up results and life.

--Quotes from some random chat session--

I saw a girl in the college with excellent eyes on the result day
Did you comment ?

brutal1ty: all were seeing the list, while I was seeing her eyes filled with mist
psychedelic.feel: lol
weird.existence: What did you say to her? "Your eyes are better than my 73 percent"?
brutal1ty: man seriously they were awesome
psychedelic.feel: brown colored eyes?
brutal1ty: brownish yea.. decorated with an eyeliner...
psychedelic.feel: Hmm
weird.existence: Or did you say "I am more hooked to watching your eyes than the result, even though my parents are waiting back home with a bamboo stick."
brutal1ty: and suited the tone of her face
psychedelic.feel: lol weirdo
weird.existence: (Don't say that ever.. That is self-insulting.. I am just typing for the heck of it..)

Brutality is me, the other people involved in the chat session may or may not be fictional.
The girl whose eyes we were discussing about is for real.
I would have loved to get a picture of those wonderful eyes and pair them with my BSc certificate.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Slap or no slap.. Thats the question.

Situation: Me chatting online with a girl who was crazy about some guy's six packs.. which she referred to as "sex" packs..

Variables used : Z = The girl, An Unknown speciMAN = Me
Z: sex pack abs must be sleeping..
Z: he has to work today.. lol
Z: then i will see him tonight.. or tomo
An Unknown speciMAN: six packs dehydrates the body 10 x faster
Z: really?
An Unknown speciMAN: get a water bottle when you two are performing
An Unknown speciMAN: or he will be dehydrated
Z: performing?
An Unknown speciMAN: you are not gonna
An Unknown speciMAN: ?
Z: what?
An Unknown speciMAN: nevermind
Z: do you think i'm a slut or something?
An Unknown speciMAN: LMAO
Z: forget it
An Unknown speciMAN: where did that come from!
Z's status is now Offline
An Unknown speciMAN: WHAT THE HECK!

My question.. if this was in real life, would I have gotten slapped?