Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Recreating beauty... Impossible.

I saw a picture of some girl... well she sent it to me. Not a complete picture, just her mesmerizing eyes-- made me rethink about "drawing " which I had left like some half a decade back.

Nope, I wasn't any good at it at all..

With this picture at hand I tried to "draw' for the first time after these many years (am trying to tell you that I am a n00b at drawing and hence appreciate my efforts.)

Well while drawing a part of her pic i.e eyes and around..  it was indefinitely difficult. 
Shiviring hands, hunger surges, itchy eyes, unwanted erections etc were some stuff I went through while drawing them.. (I am not using the term sketching.. I don't want to offend the baap people in that field)

Summing it up.. I had a hard time recreating the original... and in the end I did it miserably.. sorry for that.. but my point is, if you have been blessed with the external beauty and if some ugly retard like me "appreciates" it please dont say "I dont want to be known for 'THIS' " or may be .. for example :
ME : " hey you are beautiful"
Beautiful girl : " Yes I know"

Why not say a "thank you " instead :|
Some say "fuck off".. I will take that as a thank you too..

Beauty comes naturally, you haven't done anything for that.. so all the "lucky miss-ies"
Go out.. get admired by the ugly-ies .. by souls like moi... it makes our day (and sometimes night)..


Layl said...

its ze coolest thing eveh!!!



alexis said...


nageshwari said...

How are you? You have not posted anything after june17.Out of town or not well or bored or studying so much tha you forgot that you have created a blog or what? I read someof your posts. One of them was you doubting yourself to be a paedeophile. I would say you r not. Why? Dumbo bcoz you are 21 and those girls were about 15.You are grown up and they are almost grownups. If you had been 20-25 years elder and feeling the same for a girl or boy of age say 10-15 or younger then YES you would have been termed a paedophile. I think what you felt is anything but abnormal. Do not confuse yourself for no reasons. Bye.

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