Thursday, June 05, 2008

Slap or no slap.. Thats the question.

Situation: Me chatting online with a girl who was crazy about some guy's six packs.. which she referred to as "sex" packs..

Variables used : Z = The girl, An Unknown speciMAN = Me
Z: sex pack abs must be sleeping..
Z: he has to work today.. lol
Z: then i will see him tonight.. or tomo
An Unknown speciMAN: six packs dehydrates the body 10 x faster
Z: really?
An Unknown speciMAN: get a water bottle when you two are performing
An Unknown speciMAN: or he will be dehydrated
Z: performing?
An Unknown speciMAN: you are not gonna
An Unknown speciMAN: ?
Z: what?
An Unknown speciMAN: nevermind
Z: do you think i'm a slut or something?
An Unknown speciMAN: LMAO
Z: forget it
An Unknown speciMAN: where did that come from!
Z's status is now Offline
An Unknown speciMAN: WHAT THE HECK!

My question.. if this was in real life, would I have gotten slapped?


ĐėĚßá said...

u deserve a slap seriouslyyyy..for speakin utter rubbish:p

Anonymous said...

I was indeed hoping for another post of you wailing about your sad life and it's miseries.

A MSN conversation eh?
Ok, I will answer your question.

The girl would have slapped you? That's hypothetical. Situations are handled differently when you are online, on the phone, face to face etc.

She may not have slapped you, but she would have instead gone on ramping about how you 'perceive women in a bad light' and innumerous 'not all women are sluts' and even more 'you dont respect women'

As far as the girl 'Z' in your post is concerned, she seems uptight about the whole scenario. She could have come up with something humourous.

People can be so misinterpretive about things at times.

If I was in her place, I would have asked you something like "Why, have you tried it earlier?" which is definitely 'a no' as according to your old posts, I assume that you have been in few relationships or not been in one at all.

My Take. Your Blog. Our Thoughts.


sushma said...

The gal was wise enough to leave the chat..instead of replying to ur TOO PERSONAL comment abt her.

She shd have replied to you saying "Is that what comes to ur mind whenever u see woman" PERVERT ki Upadhi deti to behtar hota......

She shd have given 'ONE TIGHT SLAP TO U'Before leaving..


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