Friday, July 25, 2008

Rewind <<

Visiting the memory lane (undergrad college) is a cool thing (if it was fun in the first place). Plus I have my own reasons to visit it. Yep the junior chicks are BABES!.. I dunno how but all the "newer" batches recruited in this field happen to have a good chick to dick ratio, i.e more than 2.
I mean during my undergrad years.. there were some girls whose existence as a "girl" was only confirmed when they were seen visiting a girls toilet. I mean there was NO distinct feature that differentiated them.
OK am exaggerating, but its partially true.

Spending time in the labs was cool... doing stuff on the own.. mastering our manipulating skills to get the observations to match the theory.... watching the spectrum more focused and with excessive interest from the tiny hole in the eyepiece like a teenager watching porno for the first time..(we even managed to watch a porn clip @ lab using convex lens etc..the projector way..)

So it was a fun time in its own way.
And for some reason I think I havent got enuff of it...
Will be paying multiple visits to the college for the same reason, till I get "satisfied".