Monday, August 25, 2008

The kala khatta analogy.

Its almost clear to the readers (if any) .. or atleast to me that any direct or indirect interaction with a "पराई औरत" (stranger female entity) prompts me to write a blog entry.
No, that doesn't mean that number of my blog posts equals the number of my female interactions... Am not in Antarctica nor am I isolated for having bird flu (that would rather increase my interactions assuming most nurses are females, "beautiful ones".)

Keeping the statistics aside..

Its been a "loud" day.. yea songs of "govinda govinda" on the eve of janamashtami - a festival in India glorifying the act of a child stealing "cream" from pots -use google - coming from almost everywhere.

during the nights the streets were full of these "govindas and his gang" to burst the pots for the cream - read millions of bucks.
And yea Djs!!! lots of them.. one DJ per pot aka handi/matki.
some were playing music nicely.. some were simply farting... or was it their speakers.
all in all very loud!

Me and my local buddy almost every year hangout during this time for birdwatching.

Its difficult but it still occurs.A good eye is all it takes.

Finally hanging around the most probable "bird watching" location and hence tiring the eyes and the legs..(I can include other parts too..) we finally ended up at a ice cream parlour.
Usually this places are high end for me.. too much money for what they provide..
but this was the only shop open in that area which offer good edible contents.. other shops open were of paan beedi etc.

This icecream parlour had numerous weird looking machines..

Being curious since birth - yes I asked the nurse at my birth if she was a virgin or not - i questioned the shopkeeper about the "what the fhaakhs" of that machine, all he said was "crushed ice" .. though I heard "fhaaked ice" - too much wax in my ears it seems- but my local buddy - who was still deciding on what to buy- corrected me soon.

That content that came out of that machine and served out in the menu was called as "ice flush" or was it Ice slush. Discussing about the flavors to get we finally settled on kala khatta - I wanted "lime fresh" - but .. nevermind. Kala khatta is a misguided name.. its niether kala nor is it khatta... its purplish.. very dark.. and its sweet..and sour.. all in all it sucks.

Well some chicks ordering along the same queue wearing kaala(black) dresses were HOT!

Only if I could some how know about their "khattaness" :D

Standing there in midst of the entrance of that shop and sipping that flush which looked like grainular sticky thing...and "watching" - you know what.

While discussing the grainularity of that stuff a small voice came from the back.. "Sit".. a lady spoke.

Lady's profile (as you know, this is always important): Mid thirties,short,chubby,cute.

Her husband was standing there hence no MORE data could be extracted from the system.

system being HER.

Accepting her proposal I said "thank you" and sat where she had offered to.

And What the fhaakh! she made me sit near the compressor of the "softy" machine..aka the HEAT vent. She was happily giggling!! My conscience murmured: " Oh you poor deluded bastard"...

How can she be so cruel.. :|
Anyways the place became more hotter when those kala dress girls stood right in front of me.. :D


(No that doesnt mean a top with a picture of tank on it, use google if you dont know what they are)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well hardly any of these title names bear any relation to the post.

I do try to relate but I digress soon enough. " bhataak jata hoon..easily.."

So.. "Today"... आज ..

Most of my today's are from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep.
It can be from around 3 hours to like 40 - 45 hours...
But today... that is Today.. I mean August 11th 2008 I woke up at 5:30 AM!!!
After sleeping for 6 hours... This is an achievement for me...similar to bindra winning a Gold medal in Olympics. OK bad comparison. Nevertheless I did celebrate this achievement by treating myself with Nariyal paani (coconut water).. and the malai.. (kernal)..
And ofcourse for not studying at all for like 4 to 5 hours after waking up.
And watching a hindi dubbed Discovery channel program is another way to celebrate...
" ऊष्ण कटिबंधीय इलाको में नर , मादाएं को संबोधित कर के मिलन करता है...ये जीवन का तांडव (WTF!!@ tandav!) ..करोडो सालो से चला आ रहा है॥ " is a treat to the ears..

Anyways, ... to end with I tried to flirt with an old woman( सब्जी वाली ) selling lady fingers , but she showed me the finger... so much for the celebrations..

Afternoon = some studies.. reading..
Evening comes and I venture out in rains on my bicycle...
if its my lucky day.. I get to see drenched female entities. 
If not then they would be wearing rain coats..( what did you think .. I would say drenched male entities!?.. tch tch tch)
Me being supremely unlucky .. I have derived a conclusion based on an observation..
Whenever I study before going out...I happen to see more chicks .. and that too quality chicks!
Today evening was one such day.. yea I studied.. that reading for sometime is studying for me.. well some thing is better than nothing :D

An ultra beautiful girl passes by .. and I could capture her on my photographic memory for future reference. She was in my visual sight for like half a second..And I had to capture each and every photon bouncing off her body .
Information brought by those photons :
2. Wet hair and her..
3. slim body...
Yep just three things... :(
Those golden brown eyes were glossy .. yea similar to the glossy screens of some gadgets..
All in all she was WOW!!!
I wonder .. How come I never saw her around before.
I need to pay attention..more attention..
May be I should get a camcorder to aid my visuals..
टिल नेक्स्ट टाइम...