Monday, August 11, 2008


Well hardly any of these title names bear any relation to the post.

I do try to relate but I digress soon enough. " bhataak jata hoon..easily.."

So.. "Today"... आज ..

Most of my today's are from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep.
It can be from around 3 hours to like 40 - 45 hours...
But today... that is Today.. I mean August 11th 2008 I woke up at 5:30 AM!!!
After sleeping for 6 hours... This is an achievement for me...similar to bindra winning a Gold medal in Olympics. OK bad comparison. Nevertheless I did celebrate this achievement by treating myself with Nariyal paani (coconut water).. and the malai.. (kernal)..
And ofcourse for not studying at all for like 4 to 5 hours after waking up.
And watching a hindi dubbed Discovery channel program is another way to celebrate...
" ऊष्ण कटिबंधीय इलाको में नर , मादाएं को संबोधित कर के मिलन करता है...ये जीवन का तांडव (WTF!!@ tandav!) ..करोडो सालो से चला आ रहा है॥ " is a treat to the ears..

Anyways, ... to end with I tried to flirt with an old woman( सब्जी वाली ) selling lady fingers , but she showed me the finger... so much for the celebrations..

Afternoon = some studies.. reading..
Evening comes and I venture out in rains on my bicycle...
if its my lucky day.. I get to see drenched female entities. 
If not then they would be wearing rain coats..( what did you think .. I would say drenched male entities!?.. tch tch tch)
Me being supremely unlucky .. I have derived a conclusion based on an observation..
Whenever I study before going out...I happen to see more chicks .. and that too quality chicks!
Today evening was one such day.. yea I studied.. that reading for sometime is studying for me.. well some thing is better than nothing :D

An ultra beautiful girl passes by .. and I could capture her on my photographic memory for future reference. She was in my visual sight for like half a second..And I had to capture each and every photon bouncing off her body .
Information brought by those photons :
2. Wet hair and her..
3. slim body...
Yep just three things... :(
Those golden brown eyes were glossy .. yea similar to the glossy screens of some gadgets..
All in all she was WOW!!!
I wonder .. How come I never saw her around before.
I need to pay attention..more attention..
May be I should get a camcorder to aid my visuals..
टिल नेक्स्ट टाइम...

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