Friday, October 03, 2008

Experiment #1 : Socializing

A year long break from the academics sounds LONG but looking at the time and the rate it has passed, its been FAST!
I have previously decided to try variety of weird stuff in this duration, one of them being "socializing".
Why that? well I was criticized by almost every one for being "non-social".
Quantum mechanically speaking, if a wave function w.r.t time is used to define my position.. it would be concentrated in my bed room having its maximum amplitude at the bed normal to the plane of the computer screen.

Another occurrence of the following incident:
Few guests were coming over to my place and on their way (near my locality) heard someone shout my name or atleast a part of it - or thats what they they went there to check out for me.. but as they went closer to the source they heard some girls giggling pretty loudly..(yea girls in my locality 'giggle' loudly)..
and they receded instantly..why?.. they applied the logic that I cannot be in "such" a place!! I mean WHAT THE FHAAKKH!!
When I told about this to my friend.. and asked him to suggest me something that could change this definition about me.. he suggested me to rape someone.. :|
so when next time those guests come around, they would look for girls "shouting" and screaming..and they would say .. "AH! THERES OUR BOI!!"

I mean seriously I am really bored with the "sabhya"(decent) tag!..
"He is decent".. _|_ fhakh you.

My first experiment with socializing were chatrooms.. where I was able to get rid of the "sabhya" tag and was called "cheap" and
So it kind of "balanced".

Second experiment being greeting "hello uncle/aunty" to every middle aged personality in my locale.. including the watchmen and the doodhwalas/paperwalas etc..
not the kachrewala.. coz its a wali.. and she gives me a weird look,

a-dont-come-around-me look.
When greeted, some uncles were like " Huh!?.. O.. Hello.. hello... " and they would say to themselves (I bet) .." who the fhaakh is he.. a retard?"..
My hello's being so spontaneous that sometimes I ended up scaring them.

Conversing with female entity without having the want or any thoughts of having a sexual intercourse.
Cause am the kind of person who follows the phrase :
"Men who do things for women without expecting sex are those who just had sex."
So am trying to change this my "animalistic" attitude.. both offline and online.

Forth coming experiments:
Havent thought much about it..
Lets see how successful these two are.Actually just the second and third one..
The first one is completed and "successful".Also hope that the third experiment doesnt end up with something like a "experimental" hazard like.. getting sprayed with pepper spray or a physical assault.

Socializing, as I now know is a very difficult skill...Hope I can, if not masters.. atleast do a SSC in it.

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