Monday, November 10, 2008

Concluding Experiment #1.

What happens to the Exp#1? Frankly speaking.. I dunno.

Observations of exp#1:
People aren't straight forward, am not talking orientation wise ..thought wise..
And its really really difficult to know what they think when they dont say it and by some magical way want others to know it.

People mostly dont care about the topic that interests both sides and simply blabber away and expect others to talk the same shyte.

There is no transparency. Democracy is an example of a failed socializing experiment at a large scale.

There is always an abnormal behavior change in a person of a social group when a person of another gender is present.This behavioral change can be so drastic that it can result in the fights equivalent to those seen on NAT GEO wild.This is more dominant in the male species.

The best thing to do when in a social group if one doesnt want a wild scene , is to remain silent.So its anyway equivalent to be not included.

The change of opinion is so fast and totally depends on the dominance of a single entity in that particular group.That single entity can enforce dominance by using money,muscle and very rarely intelect.

People do not like to listen and talk in balance. Its always the listener+talker situation..aka chaos.

Some complain that others have "changed" without knowing that their behavior is the reason for that change.

In the end every one thinks mainly for his/her own good , the social group always comes afterwards.

Socializing is weird, complex and useless.
I am still trying around that thing a bit but hope for anything better happening with it is falling faster than the BSE sensex.

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