Monday, November 10, 2008

Experiment #2 : Asexuality

Nah am not "yet" Asexual.. its just that I am "trying" to be.

Why? Well I am too tired "understanding" the opposite sex.( I am a male,by the way :|) Its too tough and annoying.

They simply act weird and illogical. I mean they are someone who actually flaunt arrogance. They have this misconception that their beauty is something they have achieved by doing hard work (while its their parents who did all the "hard" work.)

I have to think more when talking to them than I think on my exam day. They are one big pain in the arse.

Anyways done with the reasons.. How am I going to commence on this experiment?
Well it looks simple theoretically. When I come across a girl.. I will visualize a very ugly looking "male" in her place. I hate male as a that should be enuff to repel me. Will try this tomorrow till some time and will see if it works..

Two posts in tandem..Yes, I am annoyed.. :|

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N0odle said...

Gay talk.

I was so right

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