Saturday, November 15, 2008

Name Game

After two back to back senseless posts as a result of my anger hormones which acted like a transient entities are now dying out and I am slowly but surely getting back to my usual self..(which is fhaaked up anyways)

Just as a passing thought I had always wondered about "names". To be precise ..Indian names...and mostly guys names..(am not gay..)
I find names of almost every girl, beautiful.. be it champaa or be it chameli..or be it neha.. or raima..or whatever..
But when it comes to a guys name.. I have noticed/observed that there is some click in the girl's behavior when she hears a particular name.

For example names like Rahul, Rohan..Rohit ..(notice the common alphabets, the pronunciation and the amount of time the tip of the tongue spent in tap dancing on the ceiling of the mouth while uttering these names) always have some kind of added positive effect on the girl.

Consider this (imagined) conversation between a group of girls amongst which one of the girl knows some boy named siddharth (oh yea thats another magic name)..

Girl 1: Hey I had a chat with this guy named Siddharth, online.. and guess what?! He resides in the neighborhood town..and we are planning to the mall..

Girl 2 and 3: Siddharth!!!!! Oh he must be cute... did you see his pic..

Girl 1: Naw!.. I am just too bored these days.. wanted some change ... so decided to meet some new people..

Girl 3: Yeah exactly it wouldn't kill you to meet new people...

Girl 2: Hey can we hangout with you guys?! I would like to meet SID.

Girl 1 : Sure..will call you guys when its decided..

Now same situation but with name like pravin/suresh/ramesh etc etc..

Girl 1: Hey I had a chat online.. with this guy .. I cannot recall his name...
Oh it was something .... suresh.. he is from neighboring town.. so wanted to meet

Girl 2: Suresh..?? eh..

Girl 3 : Sounds like a municipality school drop out.. you shud say no...

Girl 1: Yea I did.. Online chatters are so despo!..

Well .. its something that comes built in in most girls.. they react differently to different names.. and its like guys with those magical names are two levels ahead in this hanging out/dating games.. while guys with the non magical names have to pull out some arsehat tricks to get to the same level.

Just an observation..

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