Monday, May 04, 2009

People under Observation #1

I was told by some one to not write a post keeping in mind that some ones gonna read it...
Also that my "thinking" has changed compared to the last year posts...

Okay points noted.

So now I should be writing posts similar to those written before and write them keeping in mind that no ones gonna read it...
Last year I watched loads of porn so I think I should do that to keep the "thinking" same.

* Goes to watch porn *


* Back * (don't ask what i did in "........" )

Okay am brain washed...

Now back to the posts that i was going to write anyway for some days now but couldn't due to an exam.
I really don't want to talk abt my exam; my condition is like a person who just had a break up..
Imagine me all down and low (not p0rnographically) saying " i really dont wanna talk abt it (break up/exam)"

This is like I get the same effect without being in a relationship.

Anyways, as usual i got gang raped by those questions.
yea yea there were few girls here and there in the exam hall but ..argh nevermind..

A day before my exam a neighbor ( in her mid thirties) from my building asked me to come and check some problem with their computer.
Mom couldn't deny coz she was her "ally" in local warfare which i dunno, mom would have kicked any one else , for example some hawt girls in my locality , when they come and ask for help ( thats the only time they talk to me ). But my mom doesn't know the sickness of my sick mind towards a thirty year old lady ;)

Anyhow, I went to her place which is on the fourth floor and our building has no elevator so till I reached her apartment my erection died and so did my horniness.
Her bro was at the computer having a serious convo with some one and was moving the mouse all over the place like a raper who tries to get his hands all over the "surface" in short time..
okay bad comparison. He was talking to their computer "engineer".
Then he turned to me and asked " There is no sound coming... Are you into computers?"
"No" (In my mind I was like: " yes a fleshy USB port is my plug and play.." but I let that thought pass)
he continued," you are pursuing computer engineering?"
he got worried and looked at his sister who had fetched me
She was worried and started showering weird compliments about my computer know how.
He interrupted her and asked me " Oh you are done with computer engineering?"
" nope"
He almost said WTF in my regional language but still continued with some hesitation,"What do you do then?"

"I have done Bachelors of Science" (and would like to do some some?, again a passing thought)

He was a bit relieved and said "Oh B.Sc Information Technology?"

" Errr .. no.. Physics.."

And oh my goodness the look on his face got fhaaked up, he turned to his sister and nodded in disappointment and then took a thorough look at his PC as if it was going to get sacrificed.

And then for some reason he dug his nose and clicked a few buttons like he was sabotaging his PC.

I took a look at his system while he was showering praise abt some handicapped computer engineer who serviced his PC.
His sound drivers were missing , i mean his PC's (he didn't have any thing installed up there to drive anyways), He had mentioned it to me before that he had "cleaned the system" ... aka he fhaaked it himself and was exceptionally proud of it.
So I downloaded those things and installed them. All set and done. But during the downloading of that stuff his polio engineer remotely accessed this PC, in my absence. Gave my 'WTF' neighbor a call and told him about the absence of those drivers.
He then shouted at me in excitement like " The audio drivers are not there!!"
I have never seen any one get so happy abt the absence of the audio drivers.
With the next click the sound appeared, and I shared credit with the polio engineer for getting his b!tch back to normal.

don't mind abt sharing credit abt such silly things, but the part that really bothers me is, these people are so ignorant that they always think that if anything goes wrong with the computer they need to get an "Engineer". I mean come on!... I know am not as knowledgeable as the "engineers" but I learnt about computers by watching porn and with porn comes loads of viruses and Trojans and many other problems..
And it does take some skill to watch porn and not get the PC infected and also not leave any traces of porn on the PC.
After 6 years of porn watching , I am a self taught expert on such "cleaning" ( and also in kamasutra ;) ) *, is the god*

Okay audiences, Thank you for reading this crap and getting bored.

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