Sunday, November 29, 2009

My brain is having PMS.

Weird as it may sound, I am having weird thoughts about everything in general. The syllabus looks so vast that they can hold an exam just on the syllabus. Like whats in the second unit of paper 3. Write a note of the paper 4 and its contents.

My lab partner is getting married and she has politely said " I need your help ".. I was like cool! Is your husband impotent!!!... Am ready to help you!! -- sadly that wasn't the case and she wanted more of a materialistic help.

Why there has to be so much math in physics! Math is to physics what periods are to a girl.

Am experimenting again in my socializing skills.. With smaller changes in my behavior .. nothing huge, it has been a success till now.. haven't yet got slapped or mobbed. Will expand it slowly.. But then I don't wanna get raped in exams. So I have to take care that it doesnt happen at the expense of another. Its like .. having extra marital affairs.

So much sh!t happening around.. real life haven't been so bustling before :p
Also I had so many wrong assumptions about the opposite sex.. for so many years!!
Its like .. being with foster parents without knowing about it.. and being suddenly revealed one fine day...

Also online chatting sucks.. I am addicted to it I guess.. I hope I will " de -addict" one day like i did for gaming addiction.. Am sleepy now..

PS: Sex Sex Sex :p

Monday, November 16, 2009


Whoever started this trend,(The 'early to bed early to rise' bullshit) should have been eliminated long time ago. Night time is so fabulous for almost every activity! 

If you screw up the waking up schedule it takes a kind of a lag for the biological clock to set in different parts of the body, it is not in-sync everywhere ...the bioclock sets up in the head first and there is some kind of lag for its signal to reach the digestive system. So now am not only hating myself for waking up early but also for being a mobile gas station.. rather a walking - talking supplier of greenhouse gases ... If causing global warming was a crime.. I would be arrested before the SUV drivers.

Back in the days of me orkuting, there were communities about " hate to wake up in the morning" .. with zillions of users.. I mean have you ever wondered how much greenhouse gas each one of them produced!?

Also I think I shud get a bit lower on the "sex" content in my blogs - just a passing thought.
okay its passed, like gas..