Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm gonna do things my way, It's my way My way or the Wrong way..

Two weeks shattered in the nothingness of space-time. One by procrastinating and other by giving a few billion viruses simultaneous blowjobs. (read sore throat)

Am extremely addicted to House music on
Dunno why, they play awesome mixes, they do not just mix songs but mix anything that makes audible noise..  from screeching of tables.. to the squeaking of door hinges.. from coughing and sneezing to farting.. and they make it sound so much cooler...
Its like .. " puk puk... ((Insert Disc scratching sound here)) dhup cheek dhup puk puk phuss puurrrrr".. etc..
It sounds much better hearing it than typing/reading it...

Mega exams coming up.. mega here stands for " If you fhaakh this exam, you shud buy apparatus for suicide"..
gotta study , but how .. thats always been the question...
Bollywood movie says " Study for excellence.. success will run after you.."
There is no excellence when it comes to education system in india..
its just get marks or become a sales person for ponds cream of antimarks..

I have decided to take a minor risk, doing things my way.. no lecture notes, no self notes, nothing.. its gonna be a wrong way .. but then I learned about static electricity by rubbing a silk cloth to my "thing" while masturbating... it was painful.. but I am never gonna forget what coulombs law is...

So extending this Silk Dick experiment, lets see the consequences..
If i stop blogging , i may have committed suicide , hence the failure of the Silk Dick experiment.

Heyyyy .. i like it like this.. I like it like that... Come one baby lets shake what your momma gave you...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Part/Piece of Crap.

I was talked into writing a poetry on "emotions" at college, yep totally gay.. but the chick who talked me into it was.. you know.. so anyways..
heres the part of the rough work of the crap that I blabbered about the same....