Monday, March 01, 2010

New fone, old Girl, and the ancient festival of holi.

Prologue : I had came across this girl on the internet, we shared fone numbers and had chatted once.. she is the one who defamed my vocal chords, she never picked up my calls since the defamation and as i too quited calling her she got me deleted from her contact list. Thats where the fun begins ;)
Disclaimer: Whatever she says is correct word to word as it was recorded by my fone's memory, while whatever said by me is not as it was recorded by my memory. All the reference to her location/age has been deleted for obvious reasons. One being, she is hot.

Me: Happy Holi missy.
Her: Whos dis?
Me: No one.
Her: K.

[ Temporal Delay ]

Her: Happy holi 2 u as wel. whoever u are.
Me: thanks.

Her: Who areu tho? Name plz.
Me: Obama. Barack hussain Obama.

Her: Whr did u get my num from?
Me: FBI database.
Her: Ha ha ha, Funny?

[ I dont remember what i replied to this, my fone declines to store sent messages. I like my fone nevertheless ]
My awesome fone's awesome monochrome screen!

Her: Out wid ur name loser. Enuf pranking.
Me: you can call me that @ loser. I wouldnt mind losing "stuff" to you.

Her: How useless can you get?
Me: How useless do you want me to get? :p

Her: I cant do nethn bout ppl like u.wish I cud.Got nthn better than sendin anonymous wishes to ppl?
Me: I can send other things if you are insatiable by my wishes. Sperms for example.

Her: Nameless wishes are really nt reqd.Tc.Gbye.
Me: Okay next time my wishes will have an identification number and my biodata/CV/resume attached to them.

Her: I think i know who u r.
Her: N nw stop textin me else ul get another lakh as ur bill.

[ She has prolly misunderstood me for being her ex bf or her ex ex ex bf(s) ]

Me: Eh? what?
Her: Are you dumb?
Me: Yes, am in the national institute of deaf and dumb, This was our first day at learning Short Messaging Service.

Her: Phew! Find ppl of ur type then.
Me: I did, thats why i messaged you in the first place. ;)

Her: Kp ur sad SOH wd u.

[ I have no idea what this meant ]

Me : err.. What? who/what is Kp and SOH.

Her: No. ur jst dumb whoever u are. Tc byeee
Me: bye.

[ She called me 3-4 hours after the above mentioned text assault. As usual i didnt pick up the fone and texted her back 3-4 hours after her call ]

Me: umm why would you call me?
Her: To hear ur caller tune

Me: Ah ok, so how is it?
Her: Nt gud..! Like uslf
Me: I love being bad :]

Her: Out wt ur name,stop bluffin arnd
Me:And what if I do not? will you still call me to listen to my not so good caller tune?

Her: Ok m tired realy.What fun r u gettin?
Me:Fun can not be categorized. and usually when i am having fun, girls do get tired :p

[ She calls me again, I dont pick up again. ]

Me:You could just download that song and listen to it instead of listening to it by calling me.
Her:Ah u knw what? Dun text me again until u have ur name in it. bye!

Me:Like am gonna listen to you, nevertheless the biodata is being prepared.

Her: Ur on ignore. Do what u want!
Me: Yay!

My Holi is always this colorful no matter what! :p