Friday, April 02, 2010

20 days of ....

Sleep. An important part of the daily human biological cycle.
I have been tactically ignoring it.
Reason : I really do not know.. it can be multiple reasons.. like
Reason 1 : 20 days till exams..
Reason 2 : Possibility of being made an april fool in the department of "feelings" ( Doesnt really matter though coz I dont really understand that department.. So I have under funded it .. it will cease to exist soon )
Example :
someone: I hate you.. > This part may be different < me: umm... OK? someone : April fool!!! > This part may be unsaid < ...... or a superposition of both, R = R1 + R2. 

Traveling by Bombay local trains in almost 100% sleeping state during the rush hour can make the co-passengers feel that I may be gay. But sleep or no sleep the gay massage is inevitable. The important thing is to avoid keeping hands below the head level. Only pocket pickers and gay guys would do that... or gay pocket pickers. Coz any moment you move your hands you probably end up inside someones shirt...the matter could get even worse if you end up holding your mobile in your hand which is at a lower level than your waist... And you are prompted to text someone urgently and you are in the situation where you are looking down at your hand and the cellfone is horizontally parallel, but perpendicular to your body plane and is touching some other guys butt. And due to the continuous movement of the crowd and the train.. giving an impression of the cellfone being poked into his butt... So he looks back and winks.. And I Sh!t in my pants. 

My parents have technically given up on asking me to study.. which is good but i want them to poke me to study.... coz during school days.. My dad used to be like.. '20 days remaining?! This is the time when even the failures and all the thugs have started studying.' Or .. 'few days left.. no ones gonna ask you to study after that ever...' .. Liar! But my mom differred orthogonally on that, she used to be like..' Okay exams over.. start writing multiplication tables everyday.' She could hit me with almost anything to get me studying... rocks, chappals, spatula anything handy enuff to be a makeshift projectile.If nothing worked.. then it would be emotional aatyachar. Like while playing soccer.. my team mates used to be like .. 'whoa dude whose team is that guy in and he is running pretty fast and dressed pretty weird'.. it would turn out to be my mom.. running towards me at throttle speed every player getting outta her way... And I would run away as fast as possible...or the fact of getting crushed by her was almost certain..

Okay am hungry..


Anonymous said...

First: There could be a possibility that 'someone' didnt realise the clock struck past 12 and it was Apr1 before saying what she did. Damn the whole time keeping system!
Second: Stop assuming the 'unsaid'. There was no prank intended.

Aite, nuff said.


xyzandme said...

:/ alright.. noted.

Anonymous said...

Bukkad! Study Study study! *Sticking out tongue*

Anonymous said...

hi hw r u?exam he fir bhi best of luck ye mahine kuch jayda post ho gye blog kafi time mil raha he,,

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