Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Equation of Life?

In my hyper sleep deprived state am talking philosophical nonsense again... 
Parental advisory: Do not read.
General readers advisory: Okay I may have compelled you to read my blog.. but that doesnt mean you have to... It was the initial  " childs new toy" effect...its like.. 
Me: I got something new.. lemme show it to you!
You: -_- Great! * sighs *

So anyhow...
Many events/instances get you musing...running your usually idle processor at maximum.. about some future most probable stuff that may happen if you do this or that now...
if x = 2 when t = today.. what will it be x = ?  when t = 1 year... And you dont even know the equation!  All guessing games? " May be" " could be" " mostly" " might be" " i think so" " it may"... Who knows!!! who cares!!?
Whats the best possible thing to do?... wait for more data?.. more variables? form the equation with as many variables as one can gather? probably...you "may" end up with better results than just hopping in with none.. 
but there is a tradeoff... the "t" doesnt remain t = 0 as one waits... it changes.. and so does all the variables which almost always depend on "t" that one has gathered in that waiting interval.
pretty fhaaked up situation.What am I gonna do? am going with the tradeoff.. let the fhaakin "t" change...So will I...As i have always said.. " The only constant in this universe is Change.."
What got me think about this bullcrap? Oh I always mention my source.. This song (dont ask why, coz I dont know why):

I guess I should sleep.... fhaakh exams ... sh!t....


guesss who!!!!!!!!! said...

self obsessed .......or u love urslf toooooooooooooooooo much with soooooooooooo much attitude ...u kno!!!!!!!!!!

me said...

you just destroyed the nerd detector.
but to be honest I....no, no you seriously did.

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