Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Orthogonality of the 2 worlds.

 Okay, so as many people know, am a guy with stereotypical Indian behavior/features.
Am cheap, I stink, I have that "buh-D" accent, I have enuff hair on me to put the werewolves to shame. Apart from that I have my own characteristic behaviors/features which do no better than just worsen the above mentioned stereotypes.
Critical environmental conditions got me to pick up even more characteristics which did no better either. From talking to another person, be it a relative/cousin or a stranger to talking to female entity took a lot of ladder climbing... and unfortunately am still hanging somewhere in between. I mean, I had to read books/articles , watch documentaries, listen to audio books on psychology, human behavior, social behavior.. etc etc for about 6 months just to initiate a conversation with a female entity. And by conversation .. I mean a conversation that didnt make her puke or grossed her out.
Anyhow.. I sought to try out this 6 months of stupidity in the real world. Till now.. I haven't got mauled, so am not hopping off the ladder yet..
Somehow in this trial and error tests, I happen to meet lots and lots of people with different backgrounds.. most conversations with them did have the typical awkward moments...

person1: hey
me: hey, how are you.
person1: am fine thanks.
me: hmmm...
( we both look at each other.. then at everyone else but each other..and if by mistake the line of sight intersects directly.. an awkward smile...)

(person 2 may be a classmate/friend lost in time)
me: *pokes/ pats on the back*
person2: hey!
me: do you recognise me?
person2: Ofcourse!.. you are.....
me: (-_-)

Its really not helpful to go completely disconnected with the school friends..or childhood friends..during their puberty to adolescent transition state... I mean if you know them till like 7th grade..and then you get disconnected... dont even think about showing up 5-6 years later..The mind cant take such a huge change suddenly, especially a change in their physic.
thats especially true for the girl folks (ofcourse!).. they cease to exist as the cute lil sister like personalities anymore...I mean its like.. if you have met her in 7th grade.. you would be more like.. " hey whats the homework.. will you do this part of my home work?.. alright cool.. bye" ... you dont even care to look her in the eyes or anywhere else for that matter :/ .....
And if you see her like after 7-8 years.. " hey!oooooo .." Your Mind stalls... and it pokes you and says: Dood look look !!, real b00bies! non pixel-ed b00bies!
You cant help it... but you can control it.. but the thoughts do occur. So you fight with your pervy mind and try to invoke the 7th grade mind state and try to fool the brain that its her! your homework do-er, your tiffin provider.. your school time care taker...etc etc... and it does no good. Between the war of these orthogonal worlds.. you end up talking with her in gibberish.. also defined as " immature" " childish" words...
And after the encounter is over.. I am like .. FHAAAKH!!! What the fhaakh just happened!...
Am so never ever meeting anyone....

Still observing the two worlds...
How orthogonal they are?...
Well, you take a person from each worlds to a restaurant on two different days respectively..
The orders arrive.. we start munching .. I eat something different, that person eats something different.

World 1:
Me: So hows it?
Person1: Nice, bit spicy.. but nice.. hows yours..
Me: yea .. its good ....

World 2:
Me: So hows it?
Person2: 10 Bucks.
Me: I mean..
Person2: you can fulfil your hunger though.
Me: nvm.

World1 x World2 = 0

I find myself at home in world 2.

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