Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deep Fear - Sidekick

Bass. I wonder why is it pronounced as 'base' rather than baaaas.. but then its English.

So Bass i.e low wavelength hath the prowess
To get your bowels to move, your body to groove ;
Prolly make you do something without you having any clue..

Listen to this track, only if you have a good set of speakers, no that doesn't necessarily mean bose or seinheisser or however its spelled. It just means that your speakers shouldn't make a moan sound like a fart or vice versa...

Not studying for 3 days gives me a guilty feeling, I guess its a good thing..But then after watching a Nat Geo Documentary on Lysergic acid diethylamide, gives me a feeling, like I have consumed it.
They said it was potent, yea.. I got high just by watching that documentary..

I mean I would love to administer that drug, lock myself in a room with a video camera and monitor my behavior, prolly write a blog entry during that psychedelic trip! Even solve all the math problems in its influence.

2 days of fever has rendered me feel like a 90 year old (still fully functional for an intercourse though), with a colon break down..I guess the excitement/sexcitement during the excited E2 state is taking its toll on me.

I wonder if I take LSD during this colon dysfunctional era.. will it make my colon function like a gun barrel? Guess what part would function as a trigger ? ;)