Friday, July 30, 2010

Effortless efforts

Scalar product of force and displacement is work.
If these two entities decide to be like an 'about to break up' couple, the 'theta' is 90 degrees and no work is done. 
But time and energy are wasted. Yep, energy can be wasted without any 'useful' work done ;).
But then it depends what success means to you, whats its measure,
is it having fun & getting pleasure 
or hasting for more and more treasure.
ooo I rhymed! 

Such an act of wastefulness was performed by me today..
I was 'fixing' this blog for almost about 12 to 13 hours straight.
You know that you have worked hard when, your right hand wrist  hurts and there is no latest logged record of you masturbating.

Was it worth it? I don't know... I played with HTML,XML, Javascript and CSS  instead of myself for 13 hours.

Why the fix? Because I have started listening to others for a change.

Also, there seems to be a general agreement amongst different well isolated individuals about my mental state. All seem to have unanimously but unknown to each other have agreed that there is something wrong with me...

P.S, the silk dick experiment was a success.So no suicide.This blogs half life has increased & so has mine.Sorry for the  disappointment @ my "well-wishers".

Monday, July 19, 2010

Let your heart beats sync to those from your sound system...

Music & Science ofcourse..but given that I dont loose my hearing and/or fhaakh up my mind in the meantime..
Myriad of reasons (which I don't know) that  can get one into a fhaaked up mind (FUM) state...
But if that happens, then I guess there is really no point in livin.. aint it?
Well I did entered the "fhaaked up mind" state quite often than I thought..the "cause" still unknown but never the are the consequences of having  few short bursts of  FUM state..

A while back..I consciously caught my unconscious mind killing  ants in the loo while pee-ing.. umm.. as in shooting'em down with my wee-wee using pee pee as ammunition....
The start-stop technique mentioned in kamasutra is what I was using ....
Fire!!! .. Pee-ew Pee-ew Pee-ew....
They were red ants.. invading my baap's property.. so theres nothing much PETA can do about it.. given that ants are considered animals (?).. or are they?.. :/

Another act of my mind in the FUM state was ... going live on a  chat site.. where you are randomly set up by that chat server to chat with anyone online on that server...using your webcam..
While there was quite a large percentage of american population online on that site.. most of them were guys and they were all..well almost all.. (the remaining few ..were about to start) masturbating... :/ other displaying their million packs on their abs.... biceps etc etc, some with combo of both...
I placed my copy of " On the origin of species" in front of the cam..particularly to scare off, or rather de-h0rnify those masturbate-ers  But there was an unexpected side effect... guess what! many  chicks
( I mean really hawt chicks! ) actually stopped .. for a chat!... and sometimes a bit more .. *wink* *wink*
So I guess .. 6 pack abs still has a long way to go to score over Charles ;)

OMG!Look!A Flying Spaghetti Monster!