Friday, July 30, 2010

Effortless efforts

Scalar product of force and displacement is work.
If these two entities decide to be like an 'about to break up' couple, the 'theta' is 90 degrees and no work is done. 
But time and energy are wasted. Yep, energy can be wasted without any 'useful' work done ;).
But then it depends what success means to you, whats its measure,
is it having fun & getting pleasure 
or hasting for more and more treasure.
ooo I rhymed! 

Such an act of wastefulness was performed by me today..
I was 'fixing' this blog for almost about 12 to 13 hours straight.
You know that you have worked hard when, your right hand wrist  hurts and there is no latest logged record of you masturbating.

Was it worth it? I don't know... I played with HTML,XML, Javascript and CSS  instead of myself for 13 hours.

Why the fix? Because I have started listening to others for a change.

Also, there seems to be a general agreement amongst different well isolated individuals about my mental state. All seem to have unanimously but unknown to each other have agreed that there is something wrong with me...

P.S, the silk dick experiment was a success.So no suicide.This blogs half life has increased & so has mine.Sorry for the  disappointment @ my "well-wishers".

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