Monday, July 19, 2010

Let your heart beats sync to those from your sound system...

Music & Science ofcourse..but given that I dont loose my hearing and/or fhaakh up my mind in the meantime..
Myriad of reasons (which I don't know) that  can get one into a fhaaked up mind (FUM) state...
But if that happens, then I guess there is really no point in livin.. aint it?
Well I did entered the "fhaaked up mind" state quite often than I thought..the "cause" still unknown but never the are the consequences of having  few short bursts of  FUM state..

A while back..I consciously caught my unconscious mind killing  ants in the loo while pee-ing.. umm.. as in shooting'em down with my wee-wee using pee pee as ammunition....
The start-stop technique mentioned in kamasutra is what I was using ....
Fire!!! .. Pee-ew Pee-ew Pee-ew....
They were red ants.. invading my baap's property.. so theres nothing much PETA can do about it.. given that ants are considered animals (?).. or are they?.. :/

Another act of my mind in the FUM state was ... going live on a  chat site.. where you are randomly set up by that chat server to chat with anyone online on that server...using your webcam..
While there was quite a large percentage of american population online on that site.. most of them were guys and they were all..well almost all.. (the remaining few ..were about to start) masturbating... :/ other displaying their million packs on their abs.... biceps etc etc, some with combo of both...
I placed my copy of " On the origin of species" in front of the cam..particularly to scare off, or rather de-h0rnify those masturbate-ers  But there was an unexpected side effect... guess what! many  chicks
( I mean really hawt chicks! ) actually stopped .. for a chat!... and sometimes a bit more .. *wink* *wink*
So I guess .. 6 pack abs still has a long way to go to score over Charles ;)

OMG!Look!A Flying Spaghetti Monster!                                                            

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~ said...

Nothing is constant but change and the witness.

1. The background image - thou good is an eye-licker. But the readers will get used to it just the way they are to your perversity.
2. The Title of the post is not so visible
3. The Image (/embossed. jpg) == ra-pchick. You could be an artist if not for a missionary @ ‘FSM’.

OMG!The Invisible Pink Unicorn! *bowing* *rolling eyes*

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