Sunday, August 08, 2010

Nationalism, Patriotism, Darwinism, Sexism, Jism & all other ism.

    In my zero point zero zero zero one percent "blog writing" state these days ,I think this blog will be subjected to even more crap than it has ever before.
That is like bush administration being elected for the third time in a row.
Indian parliamentary proceedings, known for their jungle-ee behavior, have members who can speak better english both grammatically and logically than bush, but with an accent, a really fhaaked up accent. So when an "outsider" stereotypes indian accent, its like a "female dog" (see I didnt say the B word).. stereotyping humans about their way to have an intercourse.  Unfortunately some humans do end up doing what the female dog does.. in the same way as some indians end up doing what the "outsiders" do.
This can be put in the category of nationalism. Or can it?

Suicide bombings, killings et al, that happen in ones country are more effective in causing some , if not too much of  emotional turmoil than those bombings which occur outside your own country..
News: 5 bombs blew up in afghanistan, 10 died - among them were 4 children.
You:Who gives a fhaakh, where is my footbaal channel

News: 1 injured in a //insert any stupid reason to get injured// at // insert your neighborhoods name//.
You: Omg! is she/he okay!? lemme change my Facebook status to create awareness about //insert that stupid injury getting thing again in here>// and make a page about it to get million fans and prolly tweet about it till the end of time.

Is this "patriotism"? or provincial-ism .or just a consequence of stupid brainwashing that you and me are subjected to , by the media/parents/school since our childhood to actually believe in man-made boundaries which have no significance naturally, and categorize ourselves to be some kind of a separate species than the people living on the other side of the fence? But then brainwashing can make people to believe in invisible voyeur in the sky, so believing in man-made boundaries isnt a biggie.. 

Which brings me to Darwinism...

Predicting something in 1800's which stood the tests of molecular biology and genetics in 21st century is something to be appreciated. One cannot "believe" in something just because you find it "believable" or much easier to believe. Experimental evidence must support your "beliefs". Newtonian  theory of gravity stood the test for 200 years, after it was " corrected" or "extrapolated" , read that again. Newtonian theory of gravity WASNT REMOVED, or SAID TO BE WRONG, it is what keeps our satellites revolving.. and missions to moon and mars possible.. Similarly, the theory of evolution has stood the test for 150 years, and may be extrapolated or corrected but wont be "wrong".You like it or not... its a fact of life,experimentally supported fact.. as true and correctable as the theory of gravity or any other scientific theory for that matter. Anything which is science , is not certain, and anything which is certain is not science. Is this darwinism? maybe.. but then it can be newtonism , einsteinism and what not.

Sexism.. :/ 
Politician: Men and women are equal.
No dude, they arent. I had read this statement somewhere that ..If all presidents/prime ministers of the world were replaced to be women, there would be a war every 28 days on an average, somewhere in the world.
They say " I like you " on 1st of april, " Fhaakh off" on 28th april, .. " I miss you" on 25th May and " get lost " on 23rd June.
This happens between India and pakistan, and our president is a woman.
I would call it as PMS-ism than sexism. If I make it big, am gonna invent a PMS-o-meter.
It would help me to decide what a  girl says should be processed by my heart or by my mind.

Jism.. I dont know what it is... saw it in an american pie movie.. gonna go out and hang out with my wang out...
Over n out.