Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Replaceable assets

If an object feels like a rose, smells like a rose, looks like a rose and has all other parameters that defines a rose.. Is that object a rose?
(I was going to say "woman" instead of "rose", but given the astounding number of poetries written about their analogies, it doesnt really matter..atleast not in non scientific terms)

The development in Science and Technology has given us the capacity  to make such "objects" (& many more like vibrators,viagra pills, contraception pills.. but thats another story). May seem like complete sci-fi, but sending stuff in space or watching someone getting naked in Texas,US back in India was classified as sci-fi too few decades back.. So who knows..

So my point being, are we replaceable?
Lets not go into the scientific mumbo jumbo, but don't most of us replace stuff around us? Including appliances, pets and people ?

The existence of the terms like ex-bfs,ex-gfs, ex-wife,ex-husband,stepmother,step father etc.. have arose out of the system as someone somewhere got replaced.
Oh and I didn't mention "friends", there is nothing like "ex-friend" though.. I wonder why.But the replacement scene does seem to prevail there too.
So if there exists something like ex-bfs and exgfs and et al , does it mean "love" (whatever that term may mean, but is associated with such relationships) replaceable?
Has mankind reached a point in the timeline where human being can be treated as an appliance?
Is it that the people who are being replaced or is it their "brain states"?
And what calls for replacements?
"You arent the same anymore"," You have changed" etc etc... So what parameters one seeks for while uttering these words? 

Brainstate is something a given person will be in at a certain instant of time.
That person will have all the characteristics pertaining to that brainstate.
A same person can attribute multiple brainstates at different instances of time, but no two or more brainstates at the same time. One may say " I hate you", but may be liking you , which actually is the current brainstate, the " I hate you" part was just a lie.

 Brainstate, according to me, can be attributed to neural networks. Not neurons, but their network, like an internet.. Some thing which is synonymous with "consciousness".Its said that, neurons can be thought as water molecules.A single H2O molecule doesnt make water, its only when there are multiple of them.. only then its water.

If this was weed, I would be so high right now
I remember people in terms of their brainstates, its easier for me, given that people tend to change.A person whom I found interesting 1 month back may be a SOB/DOB today.. Its better to think those two entities as different people. May increase the effort to keep track of virtually created people, but I can deal with that.

Anyhow, If you have skipped whole of the above blogpost , good work.
It was written in a state of complete misery ,fhaaked up throat and sleep.
You did the right thing.
Now just before you leave... think about this:
The person, you look at in the it really you?