Friday, October 29, 2010

Rhyme Time

Walking on the dark dark street..
With her and my pedal driven wheel was a divine treat..

Talking, arguing, contemplating  ..
Me , her and my pedal driven wheel silently rotating..

I talked, with her... about the stars and the constellations..
I knew she was bored...
as she was replying with monotonic affirmations..

Little that I knew , that there was a predator waiting..
For her..
in the darkness of the night, with his car polluting..

He came soaring from the rear..
the engines of his car making a noise..
which even the darkest of the darkness couldn't bear..
He halted his guzzler parallel to my pedal powered steer..
And opened the door, opened it for her..
Showing off his higher tier..

She smiled, smiled for his authoritative gesture..
I for one remained there with my pedal powered creature..
watching her glide , glide in his white machine..
What I felt?, loads of feelings a mixture.

Little that I knew , that there was a predator waiting..
in the darkness of the night, with his car polluting..

The door closed with a resounding thud..
My brain said.." Dood you just got pwned by a stud!"
He drove away with a roaring sound ..
Like a really.. really hungry hound..

Almost involuntarily ..
I mounted the pedal powered wheels,
I rode like never before, just for her
I knew would be easily outdone..
By his guzzler..
Only for her, coz she was the one.

My already few muscles.. ached,
Thinking about her with him made my mind to quake..
The wheels were made to turn
I could feel my calories burn..
The speed increased .. with every recoil
of each of my muscles..
Just the thoughts of him with her.. made my blood boil.. 
But however hard I tried
I couldnt beat his polluting guzzler .. powered by the Arabs oil.

Little that I knew , that there was a predator waiting..
In the darkness of the night, with his car polluting..    

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Wiki definition: A "neutral" party who assists in negotiations and conflict resolution, the process being known as mediation.
 But am considering the ones who knowingly or unknowingly relay information back and forth between two people (Given that those two people do not have a direct channel of communication established between them, for whatever reasons)

Also considering this on a broader scale, every medium is a mediator.
The air around you is a medium when you talk to someone else, it is acts a mediator of highest possible fidelity.
As in whatever data that comes out of your stinky mouth, gets delivered to the other person without any tampering (Atleast the content is not tampered, the volume(intensity), clarity of the sound may be tampered but not the message itself.) Here am considering non windy, no-background noise environment, consisting of standard molecular ratio of the gases in the atmosphere.

So I can represent the one way relay as:
[You] ------> [Mediator Y] ------> [Person X]

When the Mediator Y is air,
[You] ---1---> [AIR] ---2---> [Person X]

Where 1= content uttered by you, and 2 = content received by the person x.
For AIR, 1=2

For Windy/noisy air,( and if the distance is large between person x and you) the case may be different..

[You] ---1= I don't love you---> [Windy AIR] ---2=I do love you---> [Person X]

 "I don't love you" May become..  "I do love you.."

What if the medium that connects your vocal cords (vocal folds), goes awry and does not remain faithful to the things your mind wants to say? As in you say something , while your mind had thought of saying something completely different.

Example:  A girl passes by you.. your brain thinks " Wow!! Bow to thee Goddess!"
(Yea... its an hypothetical situation.. just assume.)
But your vocal cords go : " I wanna hump you all night long!"

What fhaked up state the world would be in..

If inanimate mediums/mediators can be so crappy, how much trust can one put in the "human" mediator.

I personally dislike all kinds of mediators, and it takes a finite time to train the vocal cords to behave the way you want.. its a hard thing to do... and lack of fluency in the  "English" language as the language for the mediating purpose may screw things up.

Then there is cloud mediating, you say a lot of blabber to almost everyone around you , and it becomes awfully distorted till it reaches me.
Also its interesting to see that, the mediators that do not forward the received data at all tend to minimize the damage (Example: Mediator F)
Cloud Mediation (The arrows can point either way)

You to all the mediators: I dont know what he is thinking, I wish we get back together, or atleast talk about what went wrong, resolve it out. He did stop talking with me .. I am hurt

Mediator A to Mediator B: I think he fought with her, things arent well between the two, she says he stopped talking to her for no reason.. He hurt her. She wants it resolved but he does not.
Mediator B to Me: She blames you for ending this relationship, and holds you responsible for hurting her, you should resolve it, or go eat poop, with pee chatni.And go rape your neighbors doggie.

Mediator C to Mediator E: They no more talk with each . I think it was her..
she prolly does that to all guys .. its good that its over..

Mediator E to Me: Dude, wtf happened? I think its her fault..

(Mediator G; an opportunistic.. is looking for a girlfriend desperately, and is thinking " Hmm now that she is all vulnerable, I should go for her and take this opportunity")
Mediator G to me: She says you did something that hurt her. and all that.. and you know.. whatever.. why did you stop talking to her? You say it is difficult to forget her.. but you must try... you should move on...

Mediator F: Eh? _|_  I dont care.

So technically am not using term "mediator"  as per the standard definition,
This all mediation nonsense reminds me of the game I used to play with other kids in the childhood.. it was called " Telephone Telephone" , where we sit in a circle, and one of the kid whispers something in the neighboring kids ear and that kid whispers it in the next kids ears and so on.. till it reaches the kid sitting besides the kid who started the whispering. And the last kid is asked to say the sentence aloud.
The longer the message, the fhaked up it gets till it comes back .. or till some arsesh!t kid somewhere in between messes it up on purpose.

                                       Kid1 ----  Kid2
                                          |           |          
                                   Evil Kid 3-- Kid 4

Kid 1 to Evil Kid 3: flowers smells great.
Evil Kid 3 to Kid 4: Your fart smells great       
Kid 4 to Kid 2: your fart is great.
Kid 2 ( says it aloud): you fart great.    

Even though Kid 1 and Kid 2 are so close together, involving mediators separates them more and more.

Next time if you consider involving mediators, take into consideration the following parameters: 1. Their ulterior motives; 2. Their command on the language they will be using to mediate; 3.Their tendentious nature; 4.Their existence of being a mediator.

But then, I think.. if you really need mediators to solve problems existing in your relationship -- whatever kind that may be.. that relationship between you two was just a delusion, it never existed and there is no point in re initiating it or resolving the problems in it ...for the best of you both...

I learned my lesson.. you should too.

If you actually read all the crap I posted above..well .. get a life  :p