Wednesday, March 02, 2011

State of my mate at a deteriorating rate.

Condition as on Day n+1, 
where n is the number of days since the expiration of warranty period. I think n = 2. Warranty period being 1 year. When the fone was bought, it was already declared canceled by the phone company.

Condition as on day n+2. 
As one can see there aint't any noticeable change.
But then.. hmph

Condition as on (n+k)th day, 
where k>3, I cannot quantify k, as there were several transitional changes 
in the condition of this electronic marvel.

Condition as of today. 
Pretty fhaked up ..innit? Before this condition was attained, There was a barcode like transition
phase from the previous state to this one.

I had to dial random numbers on my received call's list to get to the desired number... Most dialed call used to be of my classmates.. Its easy to identify them as they start the conversation as:
"Bol maderchod" "wassup ahole" " why did you call me fhaker?" etc

I have subjected this phone through the following endeavors since the day I bought it which was about an year back.

1. Put it in a hot water tub to test for its water resistance as claimed by one of the reviewers on some site. 
2. Placed it in under direct sunlight for about 72 hours ( sun time ).
3. Make it go through several accidental drops from various heights.
(Maximum height being about the one from the overhead railway platform bridge.)
4. Dropped from a moving train.
5. Machine wash (vertical as well as side types) multiple times.
6. Used as a weapon against canines, superb built quality makes it a good projectile .. like a stone.
7. Playful juggling the fone in one hand... resulting in several low altitude drops.

Apart from the screen damage, everything else is intact. It still receives calls and texts. Fixing the screen would cost me 600 bucks... while the phone being about 1000 bucks currently.

Since my parents have witnessed almost all of the torture that I made this fone go through, they have diplomatically denied my request to buy me another fone. Baap bola.. get a job, get a fone.