Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kya Karoon Kya Na Karoon

Ye kaisi mushkeel hai.. Koi toh batade iska hal to mere bhai..
What a jhandofically gay song it is.
So apart from staying up late, making a physics chatroom as my new virtual home and b!tchslaping teenagers over there for their tormenting rants, I derive sanity from stroking the paint brush (this doesn't sound right, but nvm) on the drawing paper.
Not that I am good at painting or drawing or anything even remotely related, but it was an idea my mind came up with.
How did all that start.. inception stories are always interesting.. well they are made interesting.. Heres mine :
Mind: She likes orchids, send her orchids.
Me: Dude, its over, thanda le, aur sprite pi sprite.
Mind: Abe chutiye send it to her as a friendship day ka.. you know..
Me: Hmm.. You do realize, its not the same anymore. whatever that is left between us is        more complicated than a situation where a moving electron is subjected to        superly-duperly varying magnetic field where its motion is like a person who is trying        to dance to justin bieber's Baby Baby, and Michael Jackson's thriller at the same time.
Mind:Just google some orchids.
Me: Whokay.. ooo 6 stems..900 bucks, 1000bucks.. Bank mein 300 hai....
Mind: Ek stem dete hai kya pooch..
Me: =/ .. I'll see if baapu can arrange some mullah in my account..
*Circumstances/Surrounding parameters changed over the course of the next few days*
Me: Bola tha na.. its not the same anymore. Chala gand-masti karne. 
Mind: Muzhe kya pata, itna ulta pulta ho chuka hai.
Me: hmm.. sale abhi mera mood theekh karne keliye kuch karna padega..
Mind: Porn?
Me: Why do you always suggest me that.. waise its not a completely bad idea...
Mind: Lets draw something..
Me: What? what kind of retarded porn fantasy is that? 
Mind: Drawing.. idiot, that which involves pencil and paper , not penis and tissue paper.
Me: Draw what? My  leaning tower of Mumbai?
Mind: I didnt knew you addressed it like that...umm.. Orchid..Draw an orchid.
Me: Whats with you man, kal se orchid orchid.. Gay ho gaya kya ek breakup ke baad. Ro ro 
       ke satiya gaya hai kya? Has crying increased the amount of estrogen in you?
Mind: Chu, khopdi maat satka be... just do it. 
Me: Nike ke chamche, I cannot paint shaint.. 
Mind: Try.. 
So this is the end result.. I dunno what it looks like.. The idea was to paint an orchid.. after outlining it by a pencil, that idea changed to " something like an orchid".. Half way through coloring it.. it changed to " mutant orchid!" .. When I was almost done.. I could hear myself praying to M.F.Hussain.. 'Man.. let it atleast  look like some flower.'
When it was done.. My mind spoke " Bhencho! Ye kya bana diya be, Char pair wali makdee lag rahi hai, samundar ki makdee" (WTF have you made, looks like a 4 legged spider, sea spider)
So this is what anger+ frustration+hurt+no painting skills+jobless-ness+reminiscent love+hatred looks like on the paper.
And then..
My heart: Send it to her..
Me & Mind: Huh? =| 
Me: Yo, you need rest. 
Mind: Hmmm.. 
 Me: Seriously? 'Hmmm' REALLY!? Crazy organs.. 
So shud I shud I not.. Shud I Shud I Not..
(P.S The inception story may not be exactly true, though the question stays valid.)

(Update Edit: Real blue orchids in a vase sent. Response: Disliked by my heart.)


AcetylCholine said...

Is she an art connoisseur?

Candy said...

lol its luking niceee..! abhi ek banane ka kya fayda..! 2-4 banane chahiye the..!! :P :P

should i complete the sentence of ur heart!! write something on it.. and send it to her :P :P

m just saying :P!

Ranjana said...

hhahahahaahahahahaaaa.....i like your mind....very interesting set of neurons you for orchids, you bloody will have my attention if you send me one....dotn dare draw one that you have broken up, wats ur next plan? take a trip on the highway?

Live2cherish said...

It looks nice though.

Poulomi said...

Hilarious much?

Love your About me section too. xD

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I have read all of your posts! I'm a pankha of this blog!

Sahin hain, you chat in the space [read void] that's there in your mind, I chat in cyber-space!

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