Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Or That

Life is part chance and part choice. Both are interdependent.
Sometimes interlinked.
Your life, at the end of it all, the way it turns out to be, depends on a ratio. A chance to choice ratio. How much of it was dictated by chance & how much by choice.

Some, in their life, choose to move on, some choose to move in. Some choose to settle down, some choose to remain dynamic.
Its always easier to take a painkiller to relieve a migraine and move on, than to suffer from it, study its symptoms, understand it and cure it completely.
If given a choice, easier ones... less difficult ones are primarily sought.
This can be extrapolated to the primitive " Flight or Fight" choice.
Moving on is easier than moving in. Settling down is easier than staying dynamic.

The intricacies of choosing and choosing randomly increase when one considers "good/bad luck" or "good/bad choice".
Bad luck/choice is associated with failures while good luck/choice is associated with success.

Chance/luck comes to everyone, it is as common as air.
Choice on other hand is rare. Can be thought of as a luxury. 
Being born in a filthy rich family is by chance. Eradicating all the richness, living in austerity to attain enlightenment is by choice. (Yes an extreme example of Buddha, but you know what I mean.)

According to a new NOKIA ad, a chubbilicious rich chick in minimalistic clothing, due to her 'austere' lifestyle ..needs to get online with her peers to consult in real time about the choices she makes. One of which is a life changing choice, what colored shoes should she wear? Red or green, green or red.. ah purple!
In the sub-sahara africa, there is probably a kid in minimalistic clothing too, almost naked though..who is making a similar choice. May be not as life changing as the nokia chick, but a life ending one for sure. And no it wouldn't be about shoes, coz he wouldn't have any to begin with.

Has "pampering", "having a good time", "having fun", "looking good" gone way beyond a threshold? Is the "I don't care" attitude taking a toll on you being a human? 
What you "want" and what you "like" is it based on your choice or advertiser's?
Are they manipulating your wishes, your choices?
It was by chance that you came across their ad about their product, but its by choice that you'd choose to buy it. Interestingly, they devise the ad so cleverly that they brainwash you to buy their product.

Your today is a product of your choices and your chances in the past,
your tomorrow will be the product of the choices and your chances of the present.
Power to choose, comes to a very few. 

When given a chance, don't guess, choose.
Coz if you don't, someone else would impose their choice upon you.

Dare to choose.
Doesn't matter if its right or wrong...
Making a wrong choice = Process of learning.
Making a right choice = Don't worry, you won't get that lucky ;)

Should the ones with the power to choose not care about the ones without it?
If your answer is "No, why should we?" Then you are that Nokia ad's chick. Wear black stilettos for today evening. ;)

So would you choose to follow the trend.. i.e just go with the flow or try and change the course of the flow altogether?

(Note: 'you' here = me, I blog about myself and then read it, its like parallel process accompanied with the normal 'thinking' process aka being jobless.)

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Relatively old drafted post:
Posting this blogpost from my beloved nokia E5. Editing paragraphs etc, may not turn up the right way. If you swear against my nokia E5, your 73rd generation of kids will have one testicle and/or 3 tits.

Technically, my life as of now is considerably fhaked. People to be blamed are, ofcourse..
I, me,myself, bombay university and 'others'.

Striking a social balance has been a fundamental stuff happening to me.. Gaining a good relationship, gaining a bad friendship, losing a good relationship, losing a bad friendship..all of it occurring in a cycle...

It is fascinating how some people spend years wanting to 'know' you, but never quite understand you. Some seek to know you quickly and end up misunderstanding you... While some seek nothing, but end up knowing as well as understanding you completely within a matter of days.

Strangers will make you say 'oi, thats strange'. Avengers will wait for their turn to avenge.. Scavengers stroll around you for their opportunity to scavenge... Is there really any point to wait anticipating a revenge?

Chanakya once said... Selfishness is a major parameter for friendship. I am still trying to understand what exactly that half naked baldie with a ponytail meant. May be the more of 'others' I encounter... the meaning will clarify itself.
Also..I may turn into a communist for a change.

Any comments posted against my nokia E5 will be subject to termination.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But in the end it doesn't even matter..

Bombay University's bureaucracy, a so called friend's "friendship" and a 'loving' 'relationship' seems to have so many
features in common, that all of them decided to mentally annihilate me at the same time. Though some time has elapsed since then..its some 'blast' I have from my past.. Whenever I think about it, I involuntarily hum Linkin Park's 'In the End' .. Interestingly, my mind thinks about all of the three with equal weight, and often together. Trying to relate.. one with other, kind of metaphorically. If one's life's "happy" state could be described by a graph.. mine would be like this for
time(t) > Diwali 2010. (Obviously not to scale!, this is a friggin blog, not wolfram alpha mathematica).


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What changed?

Everything.. well almost.
An addiction lost. Though still craved for.
A void formed. Though being filled by so many other things. It still remains.
Move on? Sure. Where to?

Probably its just the rant of a noobish mind. The inertia of a fresher.
The resistance to 'move on' of untrained neurons. The whole idea of missing someone or something pertaining to someone is pretty new to these neurons,
like a condom - in its prototype form, introduced for the first time to a group of men.

" Alright guys, you get to hump that young lady over thay-yer, but by wearing this on your ding dong..."

" Wtf is this sh!T"

"Now now.. its not sh!t, its a sheet.. it will not get her pregnant.. will make you feel a little bit less at home (if you haven't been there before already don't you worry) and it would entrap and kill over a 100 million of you... "

" Sounds.. Bad..but do I still get to put my ding dong in her ting tong?"

" Ah yes you do.., albeit with this sheet.."

" Thats dry humping of some weird level... alright I'll wear it"

I think I got digressed..  argh nevermind...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The opposite of "I love you" is not "I hate you", 

its "I'm over you"

& it hurts...big time.