Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Or That

Life is part chance and part choice. Both are interdependent.
Sometimes interlinked.
Your life, at the end of it all, the way it turns out to be, depends on a ratio. A chance to choice ratio. How much of it was dictated by chance & how much by choice.

Some, in their life, choose to move on, some choose to move in. Some choose to settle down, some choose to remain dynamic.
Its always easier to take a painkiller to relieve a migraine and move on, than to suffer from it, study its symptoms, understand it and cure it completely.
If given a choice, easier ones... less difficult ones are primarily sought.
This can be extrapolated to the primitive " Flight or Fight" choice.
Moving on is easier than moving in. Settling down is easier than staying dynamic.

The intricacies of choosing and choosing randomly increase when one considers "good/bad luck" or "good/bad choice".
Bad luck/choice is associated with failures while good luck/choice is associated with success.

Chance/luck comes to everyone, it is as common as air.
Choice on other hand is rare. Can be thought of as a luxury. 
Being born in a filthy rich family is by chance. Eradicating all the richness, living in austerity to attain enlightenment is by choice. (Yes an extreme example of Buddha, but you know what I mean.)

According to a new NOKIA ad, a chubbilicious rich chick in minimalistic clothing, due to her 'austere' lifestyle ..needs to get online with her peers to consult in real time about the choices she makes. One of which is a life changing choice, what colored shoes should she wear? Red or green, green or red.. ah purple!
In the sub-sahara africa, there is probably a kid in minimalistic clothing too, almost naked though..who is making a similar choice. May be not as life changing as the nokia chick, but a life ending one for sure. And no it wouldn't be about shoes, coz he wouldn't have any to begin with.

Has "pampering", "having a good time", "having fun", "looking good" gone way beyond a threshold? Is the "I don't care" attitude taking a toll on you being a human? 
What you "want" and what you "like" is it based on your choice or advertiser's?
Are they manipulating your wishes, your choices?
It was by chance that you came across their ad about their product, but its by choice that you'd choose to buy it. Interestingly, they devise the ad so cleverly that they brainwash you to buy their product.

Your today is a product of your choices and your chances in the past,
your tomorrow will be the product of the choices and your chances of the present.
Power to choose, comes to a very few. 

When given a chance, don't guess, choose.
Coz if you don't, someone else would impose their choice upon you.

Dare to choose.
Doesn't matter if its right or wrong...
Making a wrong choice = Process of learning.
Making a right choice = Don't worry, you won't get that lucky ;)

Should the ones with the power to choose not care about the ones without it?
If your answer is "No, why should we?" Then you are that Nokia ad's chick. Wear black stilettos for today evening. ;)

So would you choose to follow the trend.. i.e just go with the flow or try and change the course of the flow altogether?

(Note: 'you' here = me, I blog about myself and then read it, its like parallel process accompanied with the normal 'thinking' process aka being jobless.)


Richa said...

Choice, like you said, is not everyone's whore.
Its very much like the high profile escort.

xyzandme said...

@Richa: Ha! you kind of summarized the whole post in two lines :p

Demon lover said...

When left with no choice , you can "just go with the flow" and work towards directing it towards your pre-decided path. .

xyzandme said...

@ Demon lover: More the time one spends being in the flow, more inertial one becomes to everything else apart from flowing in the same flow. And the flow becomes stronger. It is easier to just stay and go with the flow than to re-direct it. Not improbable, only difficult.

Neter Isis said...

Those are damn ugly purple shoes in the ad that she ends up wearing. This is a good example of what happens when you get carried away at the moment, influenced by others and not think using your own God given brain.
Every chance also comes with a choice to accept it or not, anything but death. Most of the time when things go bad, ppl just end up conveniently saying, oh I had "no choice", oh it just happened by "chance", but if you look deeply, it's not the case.

xyzandme said...

@ Neter Isis: Her legs were too long for me to actually focus on how 'good' her shoes looked on her :p

Its easier to say "it happened by chance" than taking responsibility for it, coz society punishes you for mistakes, ruthlessly.

Live2cherish said...

Baap re! Reading your introspection on Ad, I can't agree more on the line "Never underestimate the power of little things(purple shoes in this post)". :P

Now I am wondering, choosing to follow your blog was it by chance or were you manipulating it.

xyzandme said...

@ L2C: Little things have an awfully lot of power.
Teeny weeny uranium can create havoc in a perfectly peaceful world. Teeny weeny things you choose to ignore/forgive/forget can create a havoc in a relationship/friendship.
But there are many teeny weeny lil things that have a potential to build.. and re-build. It all depends on us what lil things we choose.

I am a chance and choice manipulator :p
Chance by choice or choice by chance.. That is the question!

Rinaya said...

Lovely..Its a surprise you had such profound thought hidden somewhere deeeeep inside too! :P
Yep choice defines everything..who we are..& who we will be!

Live2cherish said...

ahaa! enlightenment baba :P, where would i have been without your introspection on teeny weeny things.

I would stick to chance by choice than choice by chance.

xyzandme said...

@ Rinaya: Reading your blog makes me dive deep inside my own brain...and I find useful stuff .. mostly kamasutrical stuff though.. But I hope that would be useful someday(night?) too :p

@ L2C: Goodness you make me sound like a chela of ramdev baba.
*does the wavy abs*

Live2cherish said...

wavy abs, ahaa, that might be a sight to aspire for! hehhehe.

xyzandme said...

@ L2C : Chicks dig it! But almost all of them are 60+ =/

Neter Isis said...

One simple question will resolve it all about caring or not caring society-you want to answer the society or your own conscious at the end of the day?
Not all mistakes are indeed mistakes, like your migraine example, one needs to dig deep to understand why the mistake was done by us in the first place. That will tell us a lot about the situation we are in, may be it is a calling of our sub conscious mind to focus on some issue that needs to be taken care of.
The summation is ppl have to be compassionate to be good citizens, good lovers, good partners, if not they fall into the ad girl kind of group who have very narrow vision. In a nut shell, yes open minded, loving, caring, compassionate ppl are the ones who make the forgiving part of society, if not they just add to the ruthless part of the society!

xyzandme said...

@ Neter Isis: Hey! well said. My migraine was a mistake on whose part? At a genetic level right? Infact whole of life is a mistake on the genetic level.
The problem is, society lives on idealistic values for sometime and realistic values for the other times. When someone else makes a mistake, you hear a lot of "be realistic", but when you do it.. its more of "How could you do that!"

Anyhow, enough of ranting from me..
Also why do I not get to check out your blog. Your profile is blocked. =/

Neter Isis said...

Epigenetics play a major role too. Migraine may be triggered due to certain food/lack of sleep/stress/sex etc, so one needs to find out the ways to alleviate if not cure it, there is always a smart 'choice' even to deal with things that are enforced on us to begin with. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional-not just a cliche.
ppl who say "be realistic" are not broad minded & compassionate to be real themselves, hence their view. We are better off to stay away from such ppl as they are bound to find one or the other mistake at any given time due to their narrow thinking.
Sorry I do not have a blog.

xyzandme said...

@ Neter Isis: My trigger is spicy stuff. =(
But its like even if I am all "well behaved" w.r.t the migraine-ic authorities, they still end up giving me migraine atleast once a month.

Also, do we know each other? I have a gut feeling that we do.

Neter Isis said...

Hope you can dig deeper and find a way to handle your migraine, all the best.
Blogs written with free spirit, fueled by the deepest of pure thoughts does let people know each other via interaction.

xyzandme said...

@Neter Isis: As long as you ain't one of my relatives or one of my 'friend' pulling a 'oh I know you but I like it when you don't know me' crap, its fine with me. =D
And yea what you said is true.
If you find time, do read my other (old) posts, I would love to have your views on them too...

Neter Isis said...

Just wondering-

* What made you have a gut feeling that we know each other?

* If your feeling is true, what difference would it make to have a conversation on a blog?

xyzandme said...

Gut feelings are devoid of reasons. Reasoning comes after one has a gut feeling.
I have previous 'not so good' experiences with 'withheld/hidden' identities.

Ranjana said...

brilliant post....i love the tone of it, am sharing it on my wall...

Kiara said...

This choice and chance thing has left me a little puzzled. But great post! You really need to write more often.

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