Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What changed?

Everything.. well almost.
An addiction lost. Though still craved for.
A void formed. Though being filled by so many other things. It still remains.
Move on? Sure. Where to?

Probably its just the rant of a noobish mind. The inertia of a fresher.
The resistance to 'move on' of untrained neurons. The whole idea of missing someone or something pertaining to someone is pretty new to these neurons,
like a condom - in its prototype form, introduced for the first time to a group of men.

" Alright guys, you get to hump that young lady over thay-yer, but by wearing this on your ding dong..."

" Wtf is this sh!T"

"Now now.. its not sh!t, its a sheet.. it will not get her pregnant.. will make you feel a little bit less at home (if you haven't been there before already don't you worry) and it would entrap and kill over a 100 million of you... "

" Sounds.. Bad..but do I still get to put my ding dong in her ting tong?"

" Ah yes you do.., albeit with this sheet.."

" Thats dry humping of some weird level... alright I'll wear it"

I think I got digressed..  argh nevermind...


Neter Isis said...

Where to move on,only you can decide, hopefully to a better future, a new addiction..
Not everything has to be filled, it is okay to live with voids, we all do, one or the other kind.
Neurons or any thing related to human body is just fascinating as they are the most adoptable of all, just needs some will power from your side.
Good news is- newbie or pro, many have gone through this face and have successfully moved on, so will you!

xyzandme said...

@NI: Hmmm.. I don't really know if I want to move on.
I prefer fixing stuff. Well lets see what happens.. Ty for commenting. =)

Dipti said...

m still thiking if i have to be like.. aawwww!! sad... its hard to move on etc etc!!!
or should i laugh about the ding dong and the ting tong! LOL!

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