Friday, October 07, 2011

That Late Night Chat

Me:  If I had money, and that I promised to give you a laptop, would you have married me?

Boom:  It has to be a vaio..white one, otherwise..sorry but no :p

Me:  Lol! What about Alienware!

Boom Well..I can think abt it.

Me:  About Alienware vs Sony vaio? :O
Damn you have offended me!
No marriage! 

Boom:  But we can live in, for the price of an Alienware.

Me: LOL! Does that include any fine prints, clauses? Like,"No sex"

Boom: If you buy me that 35USD tablet, you can touch my hands.

Me: LOL! I so knew it!

Boom:  It will be an open relationship.You can see the girls you want.

Me:  That actually translates to, "I will be seeing other guys". 
Reciprocity is just to make me feel better, isn't it? 
Anyhow, So if I buy you a 35USD tablet, I can "have" your hands?

Boom:  Yes, and I'll let you walk beside me.

Me:  So I can make your hands do whatever I want them to do? *winks*

Boom:  + 16 gb pendrive = handjob 


Boom:  Tech whore 

Me:  * Gives laly a Western Digital USB3.0 1TB HDD *
say aaaaaaaaaaa 

Boom: hahahaha 

Note: Boom/Laly is an awesome friend of mine, with enormous boobs.
Sorry laly I HAD to say it :p


laly said...

i cant believe the crap we chat ..but still i feel honored u mentioned me...the boobs thing isnt that much

xyzandme said...

Thats laly! Hot and VERY VERY modest :p

Saru Singhal said...

LOL...Quite an interesting conversation:)

~AND_ said...

haha ure funnay! :)

Live2cherish said...

hey Bhagu!!!
you and your chats.

Poulomi said...


abc said...

hi!your blog has a new look!!nice.

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