Monday, November 07, 2011

An Incomplete Account of an Incomplete Journey

The following "write-up" is from my so called 'diary' that I had chosen to write on the train on my way to chennai. Which when finished would be given to 'her'..
The diary remained incomplete.. So did the relationship.
I found the diary as I was cleaning my travel bag, as I was getting ready for another 
26+ hours train journey..      

This time for physics.
Anyhow.. here it is..

So after a long wait & a series of weird feelings for over a month or so, I am finally in this "express" train to chennai for you.

Your phone call just before the commencement of the journey was like a good omen, so I am hopping that this train doesn't crash and burn on the way. But given the record of accidents on this route, you never know.

I have made some stuff for you,which took some finite force x distance to carry around which got me wet from sweat.. much more than you ever could get.. Not *just* by sweat in your case :p

My built in chick detector became active as I entered the railway station where I was supposed to board this so called "express" train. But as soon as I approached the coach.. the continuous 'andu gundu thanda pani..' , The 'aayeeyos and aammaaas' turned it off.

Interestingly, I met a Vietnamese dude.. with a full on chinki look.. you know .. the slit eyes and all that with a stance which screams 'Heee Haaa!! Haeeyaa!'
He approached me, since I have a " I am a very amiable guy " sign on my face..

His angreezi was un-understandable, but I think the feeling was mutual.There were numerous chinki jokes going through my mind that I couldnt stop smiling. He perceived it as my amiability's higher feature and asked me to look after his luggage. =/

The train's announcement was made, I boarded it while my eyes instantaneously locked on a gujju chick. But soon detected the presence of a humongous male (her father) besides her and the chick detector underwent segmentation fault.

Trying to find comfort on the window seat of Indian railways, I was bothered by this tamil kudi, who looked like she was 'born and brought up in mumbai'. She asked me to get up and change seats, as I was sitting on the wrong one.. I obeyed without even checking her claim. Her way of querying and claiming would have made any feminist proud. She was high on nari shakti. Her deterministic gesture was more than enough to get me moving even before she completed that gesture.. She probably patted herself on her back thinking "ek mard ko aapne isharon pe nachaya". She left the coach, since she was here to drop her granpa who sat right in front of me.
Non-estrogen-al chick environment se coach mein mayusi cha gayi.

The train started to move its arse at around 8:40 PM ever so slowly.. like nayee naveli dulhan, matka matka ke.
The 'mighty' WDP4 engine tried to justify its 'Express' tag as it picked up speed.
I tied my overly sweat drenched T-shirt to the window rails to dry without considering how many people might have spat and puked there.

The train whizzed past my home-railway-station..I smiled... I felt like it wished me "best luck".. As the train moved outta the city lights got replaced by lights from factories.. concrete jungles by broken mountain ranges..

All advices from home about strangers and bahar ka khana, fell flat on their faces as my mouth went "mmmmmm" to the smell of biryani.. So I ended up asking this railway pantry car guy if he had the chicken biryani..  He said .. he doesn't, but can make one just for me.
Abhi isne "attithee devo bhava" itna seriously le liya toh, how could I not have that biryani!

The biryani was brought.. it was tasteless..


Dipti said...

"ek mard ko apne isharo pe nachaya" << lol ..
or u naach liye =)) =))

Anonymous said...

And.. What happ after having the tasteless biryani ?

manisha said...

seriously,i was expecting something more after the tasteless biriyani, to happen.Was jus going on and on reading:)

Anonymous said...

Since the onset of discovering your blog on Saturday; I have been stealing myself away in between writing my dissertation. It is a sweet escape to read about life on the other side of my world. Thank-you And I also want to thank Lucy Lucy who introduced me to your work. I have caught myself smirking, grinning and laughing hard till my cheeks hurt especially over matka matka ke! Your creative ingenuity lies in being so ever present to your surroundings and doing truest form of justice. You are an inspiration to others and I wish you luck!


xyzandme said...

Wow! Too many compliments to digest!
Thanks a zillion times.
I hope weird stuff keeps on happening around me so that I can blog about it and make you smile even more. =)

xyzandme said...

I am weak like that :p

xyzandme said...

Booyah! :P

Anonymous said...

Truth will set you free.

It's not the mere act of complimenting rather witnessing human vulnerabilities ever so present at each invitation of enactment. In this story it was about a young man with heart full of trepidation. I could feel his pulse from the moment phone call ended to tasteless biryani. Talk about instant gratification when railway pantry car guy agrees to cater the need by making biryani out of thin air. Lol...

Writing is very empowering for the development of self.


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