Thursday, January 12, 2012

An open letter to my liver from a gf-ish friend

Hey xyzandme’s .. uff D's liver ,
                  I'd like you to know that you are causing too much of a problem with your unnecessary imbalances and inappropriate behavior. This guy that you reside in needs to get back to his business and kick some Chinese ass and do something really smart with the unique properties of ferrofluids which he is going to tell me about later. He needs to be able to stand in the lab for way more than 5 minutes and get back to Kerala very berry soon to the land of narials but no naris :p
Also he wants to be able to drink and have sex (An opportunity which will come when it will come.. but still). So get rid of that hepatitis A virus too… Please .
He also wants to make his own hukka and get a marine drive overdose and also do something so big one day that his picture on some science journal says 'de-virginize me' to all the ladies out there .
So with all this awaiting in his future I think he would need a strong liver and body so help him with it okay. This is one special cookie …help him get well soon .

Ps : Your neighbor i.e Mr.Heart is also having a few problems, if its not too much to ask please look into that too :)
Note to D : I spent 5 minutes on this don't say that this is so gfish etc . Its just a friend, lamely attempting to make you smile.  So don't mind  :D
Yours Sincerely
Lucky accident/stalker/gfish vibe giving, hopefully longtime friend.