Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Me is I.
Me is also the other I.
One I is adorable, yes it is. It is kind. Its loyal. Its caring. Its amiable. Sometimes lovable. 
The Other I is a betrayer. A cheat. A borderline pedophile. A sick lustful bastard.
Me tries hard to suppress the Other I. But it is opportunistic. It takes over.
One cares. The Other brings those whom Me likes to tears.
Me is afraid. That the Other I is going to stay with him till he's dead.
Death. A solution?
But what did the adorable I do wrong? Why should it die?
There is another way. To not hurt. And not get hurt.
Stay away from civilization. Far far away. 
Alone is good. Alone protects Me. And everyone else.
From the Other I.