Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seduction of Deduction.

Given: Three chicks (for those who get offended by this reference, 'girls') grabbing a bite at a food court in a city mall. You do not have any data about them except that you take a flyby look at them from a non-creepy distance. What you do is to involve in more creepy/stalkerish behaviour and wait for them to leave. Now at your disposal is a the following photographic image. 

Initiating Holmes mode....
To an untrained mind, i.e a mind which isn't horny and which isn't thinking about the other gender almost 24 x 7, the following photographic information may look mundane.

But to the mind which has no access to women apart from those on-screen and those in his mind; and for someone who has touched more gadgets than women, this reminiscent eatery articles are like a brainstorm. Looking at these glasses is like looking at those chicks (again: girls), talking to them for atleast sometime in the mind. Imaginary acquaintance of sort. Thats a low order derivative of having an imaginary friend. 

Lets first sort the important points or sets of interest in this pictographic imagery.

1. The Contents: The glass was filled with a shake. Chocolate. Chocolate vanilla or even 'chiku' shake.  It was more of a "eating" food item than drinkable. This conclusion was based on the existence of spoon, rather than a straw. The food item was possibly something paste-y.

2. The Girl: She is probably, most homely kind of girl. Likes to live for comfort, than for fashion. Not a wannabe. She loves what she has ordered. Or she has accidentally have discovered this food item today. Nonetheless she has consumed it with delight. Nothing at all remains in the glass. This girl is kind of a 'huggable'. On the cute side of the girl spectrum. May be a bit chubby. But that isn't important.
She is someone whom you can trust very easily. She may not be trust worthy, but she definitely has the "Hey! I am friendly, trust me aura around her." She is carefree not careless. Possibly studious. High probability of her not having a boyfriend.
Relationship with the society: Moderately gullible.

3. Eatable item. Most probably a sandwich. Could not be a cake, since cakes cannot be eaten with tomato sauce. Unless ofcourse that these girls do not belong to human species. High probability that whatever that was in the dish was shared. May be not by all. But atleast the chocoshake girl and the mocktail girl. Not enough data to proceed on personal level.

6. The Contents: Mocktail. Lime wedge. Blue colored liquid (partially consumed). And Ice. -.-
7. The Girl: Fashionable. Trendy. Hangout most of the day. Possibly cannot go to a bar, coz of her age? Simulating a bar like drink in a mall like environment. Could be a wannabe. Has a dominant say in any argument. Dominance not intellectual, only cultural. Likes to experiment. Sometimes over the limit. Leaves things unfinished. Most experiments end up in failures. She is not at all bothered by those failures. Could be further extended to the story of her life. She chose a guy, then dumped him. Didn't really gave a damn what he did for her. Also she is probably the one who shared that eatable from the dish.
Relationship with the society: Highly rebellious.

4. The Contents: Another kind of chocoshake-ish thing. Unfinished.
5. The Girl: Stuck in the middle of the spectrum. Wannabe-ish, but her "being herself" is pulling her back to the ground. She is one bar visit away from being the mocktail girl and one "sleepover for studies" away from the chocogirl. She is usually stuck in immense confusion. To do AND not to do.
May have a guy who likes her, but she likes someone else. Being herself doesnt get her that someone else. Hence the wannabe transition. She probably didn't have any of that eatable from the dish.
Relationship with the society: Lives for the sake of living.

8,9: Sauce sachet is squeezed to the extreme. Whatever that was in the dish was extremely tasty with the sauce. They do not trust each other. No one had the bigger heart to fetch some more sauce from the counter. Or they all are god damn lazy beetches. Tissue paper has been used and reopened or have just been fondled with. Lot of intrinsic thinking was going on in the conversation. These ladies weren't comfortable with each others company.

End of Deduction.

Note: Everything written above is based on utter nonsense. I do not posses any skills to deduce. If any of this comes true, its sheer chance. Probability makes everyone dance.