Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skills attained courtesy of travelling in Mumbai local trains.

  • Ability to sit on one of your butt cheek. Coz the seat meant for three people can accommodate another butt cheek if not two. 
  • Ability  to sleep soundly, in the above mentioned position.
  • Ability to fall asleep soundly in the aforementioned position with a dehati indian folk music band playing rather screaming at full intensity, right besides me.
  • Ability to sleep irrespective of my body's stature.
  • Ogle at and gather enough data for future analysis about chicks standing on railway platforms while hanging on the door with the train travelling at about 50 kmph  (Average speed).
  • Ogle at and gather enough data for future analysis about chicks through the crack in the barrier separating the men and the women's compartments.
  • Staying straight in orientation even after being touched and squeezed by the people of same gender from every side.
  • Squeeze in and out of tiny spaces like a cat.
  • Revise board exam syllabus in a chaotic environment.
  • Complete journals in a similar environment.
  • Discuss about out of the world science, politics and other high-fundo topics with friends while the onlookers watch us with a WTF face.
  • Playing pakda pakdi with the TC, and winning 9 out of 10 times. Though he fines me for those 9 times as well.
  • Learned to breathe efficiently.

Peechvade mein dum!

Nautanki karneka dum.

I happen to ask  (beg?) a really pretty girl, at one of the goa beaches if I could take a snap of her remarkably dark  pearl shaped pretty eyes.
Constraint in this event: Her bulky, thug-like bf.
Reason provided: I like to 'sketch' pretty eyes.
Her primary response: She smiled. A wondering.. creeped out, WTFed smile.
Her bulky bf's response: He went into a 'Kaun be tu bhencho?' mode. And made a face apt for such a mode.
This made me reconsider my question's target recipient. So I turned to her bulky-bf and asked his permission. Taking the stance further, I asked him to take the snap (using my camera) and give it to me.
Sensing the burden of responsibility, he calmly and generously directed the control of the decision back to the pretty girl.

She politely declined my 'request' with a 'Get the fcuk outta my face you creep!' smile.

Apparently to appreciate and record anything beautiful, one needs to be equivalently good looking/bulky and must posses a DSLR camera, not a cell phone camera.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You shall find..
Another shoulder to cry on
Another life to pry on
Another boulder to stumble upon
Another lie to play a con
Another body to turn you on
Another mind to leech
Another heart to love
Another skin to lust
Another soul to trust
But never a friend to depend upon.

Game on. Toh Videocon! =/