Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peechvade mein dum!

Nautanki karneka dum.

I happen to ask  (beg?) a really pretty girl, at one of the goa beaches if I could take a snap of her remarkably dark  pearl shaped pretty eyes.
Constraint in this event: Her bulky, thug-like bf.
Reason provided: I like to 'sketch' pretty eyes.
Her primary response: She smiled. A wondering.. creeped out, WTFed smile.
Her bulky bf's response: He went into a 'Kaun be tu bhencho?' mode. And made a face apt for such a mode.
This made me reconsider my question's target recipient. So I turned to her bulky-bf and asked his permission. Taking the stance further, I asked him to take the snap (using my camera) and give it to me.
Sensing the burden of responsibility, he calmly and generously directed the control of the decision back to the pretty girl.

She politely declined my 'request' with a 'Get the fcuk outta my face you creep!' smile.

Apparently to appreciate and record anything beautiful, one needs to be equivalently good looking/bulky and must posses a DSLR camera, not a cell phone camera.

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