Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skills attained courtesy of travelling in Mumbai local trains.

  • Ability to sit on one of your butt cheek. Coz the seat meant for three people can accommodate another butt cheek if not two. 
  • Ability  to sleep soundly, in the above mentioned position.
  • Ability to fall asleep soundly in the aforementioned position with a dehati indian folk music band playing rather screaming at full intensity, right besides me.
  • Ability to sleep irrespective of my body's stature.
  • Ogle at and gather enough data for future analysis about chicks standing on railway platforms while hanging on the door with the train travelling at about 50 kmph  (Average speed).
  • Ogle at and gather enough data for future analysis about chicks through the crack in the barrier separating the men and the women's compartments.
  • Staying straight in orientation even after being touched and squeezed by the people of same gender from every side.
  • Squeeze in and out of tiny spaces like a cat.
  • Revise board exam syllabus in a chaotic environment.
  • Complete journals in a similar environment.
  • Discuss about out of the world science, politics and other high-fundo topics with friends while the onlookers watch us with a WTF face.
  • Playing pakda pakdi with the TC, and winning 9 out of 10 times. Though he fines me for those 9 times as well.
  • Learned to breathe efficiently.


manisha said...

Hilarious...but I totally agree..!!:)

~AND_ said...

True that. However you forgot to mention, 'gaining the ability to differentiate your sweat and others' sweat especially during the famous bombay rains'. I think I managed that.

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