Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi Waisi

Become a Dj.
Get a BJ.
Own a porn library. Soft porn only.
Make a professional HD porn movie.
Act in a porn movie.
Attain orgasm to an erotic video/story just by watching/reading it. No touchy touchy.
Get a BJ by a chick who is 17 years 11 months 29 days 23 hours and 59 minutes old.
Watch porn video with a chick, just to check out her expressions. Especially the "Eww" one.
Keep the loo door open while I poop when the house is filled with guests/relatives and scream "FREEDOM" at the top of my voice and shut the door immediately.
Organize an exclusive party/event (free booze, free food and all that) in a physics department where the hottest women in the town are invited to mingle with geeks while grooving to the music played live by one of the best DJs in the world. No outside guys allowed.
Steal a stud's GF.
Learn to sketch. Really well. So well that a hawt gal requests (begs?) to be sketched by me.
Pet atleast 3 cats and converse with them in meow language for atleast one hour.
Make multiple cat videos and upload them on youtube.
Change atleast 0.0001% about this world.
Flirt with a girl successfully in front of her BF where he cannot comprehend whats going on while she enjoys and even participates in the flirtations.
Make talking about science sexy instead of geeky/nerdy.
Forget some people, some things thoroughly.
Record a song (instrumental?)
Write short stories.
Write short erotic stories.

More disturbing khwaishein shall be jotted down in a future blogpost that will be titled:
'Hazaron khwaishein chi kaisi kaisi.'


Kshipra said...

"Learn to sketch. Really well. So well that a hawt gal requests (begs?) to be sketched by me."- Titanic Expectations?

Hahahha, this is such a rebellion post. :)

xyzandme said...

Vaise expectations uss ship jaise hi dub jayenge. I am interested in sketching eyes. But if she wants more of her to be sketched.. who am I to say no and offend her!? :p

manisha said...

Great to read your writings once again..!!!:)Cool work!!

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