Tuesday, October 02, 2012


"Boss, can you make this?"
"WTF chetta? Poda. endey? What is this? I make laboratory glassware, not romantic crap."
"Please! Please? =/"
"See I have made the base look like a measurement flask!"

"Fhakh off"
"You have great talent! You remember the way you got those tubes and connecting round flasks made for the plasma-ion sputtering experiment!? They were so curvy! and delicate. But you! you made that equipment possible. Those french guys were trying to sell it to us at 1700 Euros, you did it in 1700 Rs! You Sir are great!"
"Butter me how-much-ever you want, I am not doing this."
"So you can do this?"
"Yes, But I won't, now shoo."  
"My prof has assigned me a project that requires over 61,000 Rs of glassware."
"You beetch. When you want this romantic pot?"
"Now? Tomorrow? Day after tomorrow? as soon as possible?"
"You will get it this weekend. Bring the project's official tender when you come to pick this up. Or else I will smash it in front of you."
"=( OK."

He knew he could convince this glassmaker. That old bugger can make anything for money. Even Cinderella's original glass sandals.
He winced when that old bugger called it a romantic pot. WTF pot! It had a heart shape! and it was a bottle! A perfume bottle! For her. Wo bhi aisa vaisa perfume nahi! Homemade! Rather Labmade. Free access to almost any kinds of chemicals, yes ANY KIND, made his job easier. He had googled for : Contents + Perfume + Orchids + Chocolate + Chemical X and voila!
This endeavour of his was inspired partly by creativity and partly by destitution.
He knew she 'loved' him, but being the very possessive, jealous and egoistic kind; he wanted to neutralize every and any competition coming his way w.r.t to her. And her being HER, had a plethora of handsome, bade baap ke merc mein ghumnewale guys buzzing around. 
The stakes were high. His brain was now occupied by two things. The right hemisphere by her thoughts and the left by thoughts of completing his project on time. And where these two, sometimes conflicting thoughts met, the result was either a silent treatment, a tiny fight or a labmade perfume bottle as a gift for the coming valentine's day. (No, passionate lovemaking was still a long shot.)

* Post Valentine's day *

He didn't quite like her reaction after receiving THE BOTTLE. He expected a little more than just "Aww so cute! Thanks!" 
He thought, she probably didn't get the 'I MADE IT FOR YOU!' part correctly.
Her 'other' testosterone-ally charged friends had gifted her some awesome stuff. Pretty stuff. Expensive stuff.
But he did like the fact that she wore the perfume right away, and even the day after and so on.
He wondered about two things. One that the formula for making the scent turned out right, and hopefully it wouldn't give her rashes.. or skin cancer. And why the heck was she emptying the whole bottle. Shouldn't this labmade thing be kept for 'rare' and 'special' occasions? Whatever they might be.
She did not comment any thing more than... 'it smells nice.' He was expecting an over the top girly reaction, given the fact he almost blew his lungs off while 'manufacturing the scent.'

* The D day *

The right hand was tightly wrapped around his mouth. And the other cupping the back of his head forcing it down into the plastic drum filled with stagnant water. He was too weak to defend himself. But mustered all his strength to fight back. Few months of karate training was enough to get him out of this grid lock. He swung his arms, stamped his feet.

* A week before *

These hotshot guy friends of her's invited him for a hangout. Somewhere out of the city. She insisted that he should go with them as she said she sensed a mutual dislike amongst him and her friends. As the cliche goes, if your bf/gf asks you to stay away from your friends, leave him/her. He knew the cliche. But he wasn't asking that. He only wanted himself, not her to be distant from them. He told her, those guys and him were of different ecosystems. Cannot co-exist. She took an offence to that., Enter the silent treatment. So he had to go and 'hangout'.

* At the hangout *
They obviously tried to impose their lifestyle upon him. He declined. But when they got drunk, he got to know an awful lot about the 'relationship between these guys and her'. Not shocking, but approaching breakdown voltage. He left the conversation. 
During the week long out of the station hangout, one of her guy friends was very friendly towards him. Amiable, brotherly etc. He started liking his company. They didn't have much in common, except that both of them talked random nonsense and for an outsider, they looked like long time friends, though none were not even remotely close..

*3 Hours for the D day.*
They had a fight, not a wrestling fight, a verbal one. Where he listened and she yapped for a while and the vice versa. No abuses. Very childish fight.
He left the area of fight field and went for a walk along a monsoon river. An hour or so later he was joined by Mr. Amiable. Who apparently was searching for him. They walked and talked till Mr. Amiable took him behind a small shed to show him something. The shed looked dreadful. Smell of dried fish and what not. And lots of plastic barrels filled with water from the rains. You know the kind with algae, frog's kids and mosquito larvae.

* Post Hangout *
This amiable guy stared hanging around with him and her, quite often. Though he was her friend, but not a friend in FRIEND sense. Someone she was well acquainted with.. Given that this guy was  'his' acquaintance too, made a kind of triple bond between these three. One stronger, one weaker, but still a bond.
Fights happen. That make you search another shoulder to weep, than the one you usually run to. When the stronger bond weakens, the weaker bond strengthens. Amiable guy took her side. Stood by her side. Lend her his ears. She liked this guy, and trusted this guy, assuming that he was 'his' best friend. Every time they had a fight, she turned to Mr. Amiable. Smiles changed to Hi's, Hi's changed to Hugs. Hugs were accompanied with little pecks.. and subtle kisses. The weaker bond changed from that of an acquaintance to that of  'Just Friends.'
'He' didn't know about this, they were much 'discrete' around him.

* Back to the D Day *
He tried to stamp his feet on this guys toes.. inflicting pain. Wasn't enough. He tried again. Mr. Amiable suddenly switched hands and tighten the grip further. He noticed something. He was shocked. All his will to fight back gave away to fear, anxiety and sadness. He smelled something. It was her perfume. It was THE PERFUME. On this guy's' palm. 
His mind went into chaos and consequently into a blank state. His body gave away. He could fight no more.
He imagined everything what may have had happened between them. He closed his eyes. For the last time.

Mr. A threw the body in the river which flowed towards the dam. He pushed THE BOTTLE gently back into his pocket and gave a wicked smile. Saying to himself: 'That was easy. She is mine from now on.' 


Kiara said...

I loved the story.

Sort of sad,but well written :)

Oh, and nice to read you after such a long time!

Rinaya said...

Same thing happened to me.. sadly I didn't die :P

Blue said...

Star Plus... :P
But as always u made it ur way, made it special...loved the perfume bottle!

The Blue Periwinkle said...

That was sad. Recently, saw a show about this..minus the perfume though.
Loved the way your painted the whole story.

xyzandme said...

I guess most romantic shows on TV have a love triangle factor associated with them.

Ether said...

plasma sputtering.... what all materials do u deposit?

xyzandme said...

Happiness and lots of love. =D

Anisha Pradahn said...

That's pretty sad :(
I guess the irony of life is such. Bad things happen to good people. Or rather, the good die young!
and love the way you write :)

❤Not Just My Allegories❤

xyzandme said...

The so called 'good' guy could have had done bad things to his girl to deserve death. No one knows. May be Mr.Amiable got a hint of those bad things and decided to kill him.

Red Handed said...

Sadness and its power to engulf you. Loved the flow of it.

xyzandme said...

Its always good to have you here. And you liking the post means a lot. Thanks for commenting missy.

xyzandme said...

Thank you. Thou art this blog's most esteemed reader :D

xyzandme said...

Inna TV na dekho, ankhein sooj jayegi. --> O.O

xyzandme said...

Death/Dying is not joke missy. Life is precious.
Live long and prosper.

laly said...

perfectly written..the feelings of the lost loved one..when getting him / her back is a non-existent option.... fighting everyday with your own feelings of untieing the grips and swiming up on the surface..but the more you swim the deeper in the river you fall

Live2cherish said...

I haven't been to blog world recently but i do remember reading this post.
Update boss!!!
when did u change yr blog address, i had hard time finding it in my reading list. bata ke kiya karo baba.

Rainchild said...

Old stories with an interesting style.. Love how you jump scenes..yes yes :)

Kiara said...

*waits for upcoming posts*

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