Sunday, August 18, 2013

A letter

I miss you. I am going to write down everything I feel about you. And all those moments that make me realize why I dont want anyone else and why I need you so bad.
The night on the beach. It was cold and I was sitting with my back to your chest. The necklacey thing I wore in my neck, we shared for a bit. It was cold, but warm. I wouldn't trade that memory for anything in the entire world.

The way everything you said was enough to make me smile. Or laugh like a crazy person.

Fireworks with your lips on mine.

When we sat waiting for the food we ordered and I started panicking, and you said "Hold my hand". And how that made such a big difference.

The breezer bottle that you kept.

The day you were sick, and we were supposed to meet and I told you to go home or visit a doc, and you came home.
The first day we met, you said lets go somewhere and it was 10:30 and I said my mom wont let me, and you said I could ask her if you want.
You let me lie down upon your lap when I felt panicky in Love Sugar Dough.
The kitten you got me.
Flowers you gave me everytime you met me. (Have all of them, will always have them)

The way we lost our senses on the staircase.

How I can still feel the touch of your hands on my back.
When I mocked you saying something and you pushed me away and then when I said okay and stepped backwards and you immediately reached for me and pulled me towards you hugging me tight.

When you shivered as I hugged you. I didn't want to let you go.
That you thought of me while you wrote the story.
When I lived through hell, counting minutes while you were in a different city.
You got me very very pretty payals.
Found a beautiful box for them, and made it even more beautiful.
The day I met you after you got back from Delhi, every moment of it.
How you hugged me as I cried my eyes out. No one has ever done that.
How you thought I looked beautiful in the green dress.

There hasn't been a day where I haven't wished you could accept my love. I could do anything and everything for it. I would sound like the overly attached girlfriend, but I've imagined marrying you lots of times. As much as I HATE the fact that I fainted in February, I am glad I did. May be we wouldn't have been talking otherwise.
I feel terrible when its 'your time of the month'. And I wish I could just be with you, even if you didn't want me there.

How sometimes I would feel jealous of people that had even a little bit of your attention. I dont have a reason why I feel this way about you. I know that you don't love me that way. I don't ever ever want to lose you.

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Laly said...

This is so beautiful, perfectly written, this girl shows love and desperation altogether,makes me sigh when I read it, it's so divine..I hope you have a brother to introduce to me.

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