Friday, February 28, 2014

Alley of Betrayal

The words were inaudible. His lips simply moved. Her trembled.

The busy lane had become quite quiet. The cement block that they were sitting on for hours turned cooler and cooler as the evening deepened. She got up and moved towards the trees, further down into the quiet lane. His words, still inaudible, were breaking her from within.
Only two sounds disquieted that empty alley, her gentle sobs and his heavy “I am sorry” and “I still love you”.

Amongst those sobs was an angry yet gentle “How could you do that to me?”
She was not angry at him. She was angry at the woman. Her love for him defended him against the fault of his own. Such is love.

The sun fell asleep and the night awakened.
With him saying, “Let’s go home, lets talk there..”
There was something inside her which started hating everything he said.
She began walking towards the other side of the parking lot. A way that led to nowhere.

He followed her. More like a stalker than her lover.  With few words like “Please, let us go home”, he didn’t say anything anymore that defended him for the act he had committed.

She kept walking, slower than before, feeling abused every time he spoke.
He thought, he’d get his car from the parking lot quickly to the other side of the road as this alley was reaching another road, parallel to the one they had first stopped at.
She stopped for some reason. Almost exhausted, not due to the walk but just because of the weight of things that had befallen upon her, she stopped. She did not notice his absence. She just stayed there, gazing upon the road that intersected this cold, dark alley.

She could again feel his presence. Though the coldness of air demanded her body to be hugged, she shuddered at the hand that touched her bare shoulders. The hands tried again, but the shudder was even stronger and she moved ahead, ahead along the road. The hands receded into the darkness as they saw a vehicle approaching.

The car stopped and he got down. Rushing towards her, he sought her hand and tried to convince her. She refused, as she did before.
He brought the vehicle besides her, opened the door and irritably asked her to get in.

Three men, walked towards the car. Men, who looked more like animals residing in these dark corners of the world waiting for opportunity at everything.
He stretched himself out from the passenger’s seat and pleaded her to get in.
She closed back the door of the car. And stood outside the car, oblivious of what was going around her. For her, her love and his hatred were battling.

A battle that claimed his life and brutalized her body.


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Woah! *claps* Gave me the chills

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order less said...

I do not mind being stalked by you, at all.. :D

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