Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Story: Closest Closet

“Hi”, he said. Almost trembling. Mostly caused by nervousness that was the remanence of fear that he had imbibed himself with towards the woman species.

“Hey!”, she replied in festivity. Not that he meant something to her. She was such a bubbly personality anyway. Him or otherwise, her response would have been similar.

“Hi, I didn’t know you reside around here…” He mumbled. Looking at her feet. And very sparingly at her.

“I don’t! My mum stays here. I visit her sometimes.” She answered disappointedly.

He did not quite get the concept of mother living separately from the rest of the family, but he let his inquisitiveness pass as he didn’t wanted to come straight up nosy.

He meant to talk to her. Confront his nervousness. But was uncomfortable with himself. 

He had seen her hanging out in his school. For some reason, he thought, she’d understand.

He simply couldn’t hold up the turmoil to himself. 

He saw her again. And again. Her visits to her mother’s home increased. 
An opportunity or a problem? 
Months passed by.

“A girl would understand.” Thought he.

Another day goes by. All he did was look out through his room’s window and sigh. 

‘No wonder he fell for her.’ He wondered. There was this aura about her. 
That amiability, friendliness. He decided to confront her.

‘All I want would be friendship. Nothing more, just being around. Just being there.’ He muttered to himself. Nights passed by. The crumbling blanket felt his palpitating heart whilst, his ceiling witnessed aimless staring.

The purring cat tried its all feline tactics to calm her master down from the inexplicable turmoil he was going through. Her meows grew softer with days. As her master thought about confronting the girl next door.

“Aparna, Hi!” he was frantic in his greetings. 
Aparna reflected the cliche of teenage girls, almost exactly.
Being in the same school and in the same class. They did acknowledge each other with smiles, though it was Aparna who did most of the smiling. He looked through her. She, being with her usual group of friends. Mostly of guys.

“I was wondering if you could hangout. Someday. I mean today. At a place. My place. I mean. Or nevermind. I mean, would you hang out? I need help. I mean. In completing my project. Since you are in my group. I mean. I am in your group. Or let it be. I’ll do it myself.” He was sweating like a pig and spitting out words.

“HeHe! Sure! Why not!, infact I was about to ask you the same. We all should hangout some place and be done with that project.” she giggled and replied in the way she knew the best. 

“We all?” he enquired.
“Yes. Rahul would be coming too na!”

“Oh, Okay.”

Before he could consider the repercussions of what he was about to get into, she intimated him with “ So today at eight! Your place! See you!” and a flying kiss as she dashed away to her mum’s.

Till he reached his already distorted room, he grasped the event that was going to take place late afternoon.
The TV was on. He mindlessly looked at it, for hours. 
A jar of nutella was emptied to soothe the mind in turmoil.

‘What excuse would I have for all these women’s books? And this flowery wallpaper?’ he panicked.
‘This was my sister’s room, My room is being renovated. I am nothing but a mere refuge.” 
He rote learned this statement again and again.

It was almost 7:30PM. 
He had to decide quickly. 

‘May be I could call her. Ask her to not bring Rahul along.  Tell her that it was her that he wanted to hangout. Tell her that it was his idea of a date. A candlelight dinner!’

‘Tell her a lie?’ He cursed himself.

A lie was smaller than the truth he was hiding.

‘But what if she actually comes over!?’

“Candles!” He screamed.

Finding two candles downstairs and placing them tactfully on the table, he exclaimed, “Aha!”

Tears rolled down his cheeks. He couldn’t bear the fact that he was getting cold feet.

“The cupboard besides the bed! All the accessories are in there!” uttering that almost aloud, he raced towards the small cupboard and hugged every bit of accessory and tried to choke it down the tiny little dustbin he possessed, littering all the lipsticks, lipbalms, eye lashes etc., around it.

He heard the doorbell ringing. He panicked once more. He couldn’t take it anymore.
It was too much for him. Throwing away his clothes on the chair, he looked around. His room reflected the state of his mind. 
It wasn’t straightened up. Neither was he.
The door of his house remained unopened just that evening. But that of his closet remained closed forever.


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