Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Story: Kingdom Of Man

It took stones and bricks
For the cities and towns to not to fall
It took mortar and cement
To build them large and tall

Wind blew. Sun shone.
Withered did they not, the cities withstood.

Then came tsunamis, and the earthquakes.
And shook the life out of these structures, with enormous shakes.
Yet he built them again, stronger and taller.

They grew bigger than him in time.
So he thought, “Must I not stand as tall?”

So he build an image of himself
A man made image of himself as The God.

The almighty furious, made him pay.
Diseases, calamities and unleashed all of that fury
Made the man rethink about the Supreme jury.

May the time come when he’d reclaim all that falls.
Even the man himself, answering the nature’s final call.

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