Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Story: Mirror Image

Being in a pub. The fortunate or the unfortunate thing is that you meet people.
People, like you. People unlike yourself. People like your alter ego.
People who somehow dig into your inner unfulfilled desires and make you feel vulnerable.
Make you feel incomplete. And ask you to seek out happiness. Happiness as defined by them.

“Grass is greener on the other side” one of them said, “It is not always a cliche”.
So he wondered about the other side. And he loved, or at least he thought he loved what he saw. Mesmerized rather.

Persuaded by beauty and the glamour of the life on the other side, he took that left turn.

Not even the cries of his daughter could halt him, nor did the quarrels with his wife.
Apparently those were the reasons, that he was turning to the opposite direction.
He took a left. He left.

Right seemed so dull. “Why do the right thing!?” Said he. He, the family man. A father. A husband.

Few years down the left lane, the glamour waned. The beauty faded. The mundane returned.
His liquored breath became nauseous to himself. As his wallet emptied, his alter ego was hurt by those same people who had lured him in.

Alas but it was too late for he saw that the left was nothing but a mirror image of the right.

With moist eyes, he fumbled, “ I should have gone straight instead.”

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