Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Story: Morsel

The most decorated people in any given war are the victors. Dead or alive.
Civilians, however atrocities they might go through usually do not get any notable mentions.
Largely it is because they are  usually taken to be nothing more than a collateral damage.

Nazi Germany, was attacked by the allied forces. Homes and houses crumbled to the ruins.
Families, civilian families vaporized by bombs, shattered with bullets and some simple by the fact that there was a war going on right in their backyard.

One such backyard of a German family was showered with shells, scattering their field’s produce in air.

“Quick, get down to the basement.” screamed the mother of three children and the wife of a Nazi soldier.

The children aged 10, 12 and 14 ran towards the basement door. As the shells burst open the belly of mother earth, the ground trembled, making the youngest topple, while the eldest, who was the only girl amongst the three, picked him up.
The shells, did not penetrate their basement, not because it was protected in any special way, but simply because they missed it. The house however was torn into pieces.
Days flew by and so did the airplanes.
The youngest kid bothered his mother, as much as he was bothered by his stomach.
The mother who couldn't see her kids suffer, in a display of pure affection ran outside the house towards the field, the kids almost running behind her. The eldest stopped her two little brothers from following their mother into the fields for she foresaw the danger. And so such danger did come. Their mother was shot. In front of them. With that the handful of corn she could grab fell on the blood splattered field.

The shock of witnessing their mother’s death took several days to subside as the hunger regain the realms of their naive brains.
Their cries were unheard amongst the bombing and the firing.

After putting her brothers to sleep, the eldest crawled out into the fields. She kept low. As low as possible. She did not go into the parts of the field which were flattened. She undressed herself and threw herself in the mud. Looking exactly like mother earth.
She knew  where her mother lay dead. She crawled there.
What she saw was too horrific for a 14 year old to see. She broke into tears. She screamed. She screamed at the bombs. At the bullets. At everything that made a noise.
And a reply came. A shell dropped besides her.
She prepared herself to embrace her death. War makes an adult out of a kid. And that happened with her. She held the hand of her dead mother and muttered goodbye to her brothers.

The world was still. She could hear no more gunshots. or bombings.

The shell didn’t go off. She was still alive.

With the corns in her hand, she crawled faster. Bruising herself. Her body turned crimson.

She lived the day. Her brothers survived.


A celebration of the end of world war is some event.
Soldiers who we are supposed to be remembered and soldiers who we are supposed to abuse  are the prime talks of these events. Hitler gets a lot of flak. ‘But he deserved it anyway’ is what most would hear during such gatherings.
A couple in their thirties, newly married are the talk of this evening. The guy being the youngest soldier of the alliance forces. Soldier in terms of name, but his work during the war was mostly postal. Though they say that he had some inputs to crack the enigma code. He had entered the army when he was merely 16.
His fiance is a Nazi. Or so did they say. Anybody from Germany was called a nazi among such circles and celebrations.

With dancing and blabbering done, food was served.

“This tastes awful” he says it with utter reproach to his friends and tilts his plate over the dustbin. Not even looking at where it’s falling.
She slides her plate under his and collects all the food that drops off his plate.

“What are you doing!? Are you insane!?” He exclaims.
“My mother died for a morsel.” she replies calmly.


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