Sunday, April 06, 2014

Blinded - A Picture Story.

"What did you do to the rose? It was white!"
"Welcome to the world of chromatography."
"Kromato.. what?"
"Just place it in the vase, five drops of blue ink in the water, give it a day and voilĂ "
"Interesting, You should bring it to the class and show it to the professor."
Rahul agreed half heartedly to this suggestion.
"See you in the class."

The class had already begun, but Rahul was still in the laboratory.
It was obvious that he ran to the class, and so did he till his lungs couldn't breathe.

Obstacles came into his life as often as Mondays in a month. But this one was different.
She crashed into him, as he cushioned her fall.

The flower symbolized an apology, he gave it to her and resumed his run to the class.

She walked towards the road, trying to imbibe what had just happened.
The rose was still in her hand, she could feel its texture, and the moistness.
She was not sure of its colour, but she never was, about any colours. Even those of the traffic signal.
With years, she had learned about to get around this difficulty, but today her mind was occupied with the rose.
'Was this a red rose?' she wondered. There was nothing to compare.

A car crashed into her, she and the rose laid in the pool of her own blood.

She smiled as her question was answered. She was colour blinded for life, but today it wasn't so, Today, she was blinded by love at first sight.